Superior Implements

Superior Implements

Holy Symbols Price Weight Properties
Accurate Symbol 25 gp 1 lb Accurate
Astral Symbol 18 gp 1 lb Distant, energized (radiant)
Warding Symbol 21 gp 1 lb Shielding, unstoppable
Wrathful Symbol 23 gp 1 lb Empowered crit, undeniable
Orbs Price Weight Properties
Accurate Orb 30 gp 2 lb Accurate
Crystal Orb 27 gp 2 lb Energized (psychic), undeniable
Greenstone Orb 27 gp 2 lb Energized (acid), unstoppable
Petrified Orb 25 gp 2 lb Energized (force), forceful
Rods Price Weight Properties
Accurate Rod 25 gp 2 lb Accurate
Ashen Rod 22 gp 2 lb Energized (fire), enerring
Deathbone Rod 22 gp 2 lb Energized (necrotic), undeniable
Defiant Rod 18 gp 2 lb Energized (radiant), shielding
Staffs Price Weight Properties
Accurate Staff 20 gp 4 lb Accurate
Guardian Staff 13 gp 4 lb Energized (force), shielding
Mindwarp Staff 16 gp 4 lb Distant, energized (psychic)
QUickbeam Staff 15 gp 4 lb Energized (thunder), forceful
Tomes Price Weight Properties
Echo Tome 15 gp 3 lb Distant, unerring
Forbidden Tome 15 lb 3 lb Deadly, unstoppable
Unspeakable Tome 15 gp 3 lb Empowered crit, undeniable
Totems Price Weight Properties
Accurate Totem 20 gp 2 lb Accurate
Farseeing Totem 14 gp 2 lb Deadly, distant
Icicle Totem 15 gp 2 lb Empowered crit, energized (cold)
Storm Totem 18 gp 2 lb Energized (thunder), unstoppable
Wands Price Weight Properties
Accurate Wand 20 gp Accurate
Cinder Wand 18 gp Empowered crit, energized (fire)
Dragontooth Wand 18 gp Deadly, unerring
Rowan Wand 15 gp Distant, energized (lightning)

Superior Implement Properties

A superior implement’s properties apply only to attacks made with the implement. They affect only implement powers, even if an implement can be used to make weapon attacks.

Accurate: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with an accurate implement.

Deadly: You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls made with a deadly implement. The bonus increases to +2 at llth level and +3 at 21st level.

Distant: The range of your area and ranged attack powers increases by 2 when they’re used through a distant implement.

Empowered Crit: When you score a critical hit with an empowered crit implement, the attack deals 1dlO extra damage. The extra damage increases to 2d10 at llth level and 3dlO at 21st level.

Energized: When you use an attack power through an energized implement, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls if the power has the keyword that matches the implement’s damage type. The bonus increases to +3 at 11th level and +4 at 21st level.

Forceful: Whenever you pull, push, or slide a target with an attack power using a forceful implement, the distance of the forced movement increases by 1 square.

Shielding: Whenever you hit at least one target with an attack power using a shielding implement, you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex until the start of your next turn.

Undeniable: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against Will when attacking with an undeniable implement.

Unerring: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against Reflex when attacking with an unerring implement.

Unstoppable: You gain a +l bonus to attack rolls against Fortitude when attacking with an unstoppable implement.

Superior Implement Descriptions

Holy Symbols: An accurate symbol is carved with symbols of power that channel divine energy more precisely.

An astral symbol is crafted of solidified mist from the Astral Sea and glows with a faint silvery light.

A warding symbol has protective glyphs carved into its adamantine surface.

A wrathful symbol is made from black iron mined in Chernoggar and engraved with runes of divine fury.

Orbs: An accurate orb is made of clear blown glass, with tiny runes engraved around its equator.

A crystal orb looks similar, but has a faceted surface and might appear in any color.

A greenstone orb is carved from a heavy metallic stone that has an affinity for acid magic.

A petrified orb is made from petrified wood.

Rods: An accurate rod is made from a shaft of silver, bound with golden bands.

An ashen rod is made from fire-blackened hardwood and laced with veins of crystallized red sap.

A deathbone rod is formed from the bone of an undead creature that is no longer animated.

A defiant rod is made of white gold and studded with crystals or gemstones.

Staffs: An accurate staff is smooth and straight, balanced for easy handling and made of polished hardwood.

A guardian staff is formed from an uncut branch of a watcher tree, a variety of oak that grows only in the Feywild.

A mindwarp staff is made of light, strong wood, smoothed and polished and topped with a many-faceted crystal.

A quickbeam staff is made of rowan wood cut from a tree that has been struck by lightning.

Tomes: The cover of an echo tome is a plate of iron inlaid with silver, and its pages are thin sheets of mithral engraved with arcane secrets.

A forbidden tome has a heavy cover and binding, with a lock to keep it closed to prying eyes.

An unspeakable tome is bound in straps of iron so that it cannot be opened, but it imparts the knowledge it contains through sinister whispers in the night.

Totems: An accurate totem is a short rod of light wood wrapped in snakeskin.

A farseeing totem consists of eagle feathers tied at one end of a roc’s bone.

An icicle totem is a shaft of unmelting ice, freezing cold to the touch but wrapped with white fur to protect the wielder’s hand.

A storm totem is made from wood scorched by lightning and adorned with a thunderhawk’s feather.

Wands: An accurate wand is a smooth and straight length of light wood, honed to a point at the tip.

A cinder wand, in contrast, is blackened and crooked, and warm to the touch.

A dragontooth wand is smooth ivory that is bound with bands of gold.

A rowan wand is polished wood engraved with lightning motifs.

Superior Implements

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