A portly innkeeper with impressive business savvy, and his twin goblin sons.



A human standing at 5’7". Although he does not live in the lap of luxury, he has still managed a bit of girth around his midsection. He is balding, but still has a strong ring of dark hair at the top of his head. He has a well trimmed handlebar mustache, that is starting to turn show signs of greying. Soft brown eyes, even when he’s yelling at his boys, peer back from his gentle face. His cream apron stands in contrast to his deeply tanned skin.

Rarely do you see Ben out of his apron. Though made of cotton, it is well taken care of and shows little sign of its day-to-day use around the Drunken Phoenix. Aside from his recognizable apron, he wears a simple tunic over black pants. Dark, low boots cover his considerably large feet. On his belt is at least three cleaning rags and the keyring for the inn above the Drunken Phoenix.

Barnayr and Kranaog

These goblin twins are almost identical, and constantly fighting about it. Standing just shy of 3’6", it is argued who is the closest to the mark. Barnayr’s skin is primarily yellow and leads to red near his fingers and toes. Kranaog, on the other hand, is orange, though the same patterns in red are apparent on him. Both of them have deep red eyes, which they use to their advantage when the lights are low. They are still young, so they have not grown any form of facial hair yet, but they do have a dark patch of hair on top. Their teeth are extremely sharp, even by Goblin standards. Large, almost floppy pointed ears set on the sides of their heads.

When Ben is not constantly watching them, the two are fighting each other. Only a handful of these fights have become serious enough to draw blood, but were stopped immediately. They have been helping their dad update the Drunken Phoenix and are currently working on the dining room of the tavern. Due to the construction, they currently wear dark green trousers, simple vests, and heavy boots.


It is unclear how Ben and the twins met, or if he truly is their father. It is known, however, that since he moved to Skyrim 4 years ago, he has had those boys. Even with the boys fighting at an almost constant rate, the family seems happy together. The boys respect Ben and listen when Ben tells them to cut it out..for a time at least.


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