Anea Henko

A bubbly human who enjoys a good story (or making one).


The one constant between all her shapes is her silver bracelet cuff; a deep purple spellshard centered around it.


She prefers to look like a female around 5’5". Bouncy, brunette hair with naturally sun-bleached highlights cascade down to her shoulders. Bright, almost luminescent blue eyes stare back as a child would when intrigued. Almost in contradiction to her outgoing personality, her skin is a few shades lighter than tan.

Her regular outfit consists of a pale blue, flowy blouse. Simple leather pants meet dark, tanned high boots. A moneybelt, filled only with her silver & copper, dangles from a simple black belt. A satchel, just large enough for her travel journal, ink bottle and quill, hangs on her hip. The straps of the satchel are used to carry her violin.


Anea Henko

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