Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Delivery of the Lady Prisoner and the Alchemist

distribute gear
teaching hound “gentle”, reconvene w/ injured & set out to rest OUTSIDE of cave, eat in dark creeper room then attempt to leave – stuck in Shadowfell

(drakar powered the portal’s gate to be two-sided, kildrak & eldritch assisted tarra on resisting the effects of the shadowfell to mentally escape, mironne failed to find an easy route from the shadows out of the Shadowfell, thorvin found similarities between a cave exit and the planar portal, anea found the signs on the entrance identifying the location & had a few markings to read, drakar could not see the words well to read their meaning, kildrak assisted thorvin on reading the words, mironn assisted anea on the comings/goings of the victims & the shadar-kai, eldritch was able to read the markings – and reads the magic on the walls that open the gate)

exits to the pre-dusk rain – create a cave-in

group sits to eat (fat porker) and good stew – bones for pup, on watch & sleep

enter the city walls – drop elaina & el at the manor. sell stuff collected & shopping


HopeHarte HopeHarte

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