Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Audience with the King

house kundrak service purchases

Star Agents – guild (8-10) 2 years
Ebony Griffins – guild (racists)

star agent house in ruins, 8 bodies, burned survivor (coldor – worrier) found in bathroom, 9 guards on scene, drakar identifies as an unnatural fire, cellar for dog training (back wall not as damage), introduces self as captain redror (human), door had a constellation design (changed each week), chest in storeroom had been arcane locked, offered to stay at barracks during investigation

captain wakes group at 4 am to let them know of audience w/ king, group goes shopping for appropriate clothes for meeting

morning have breakfast, rookie learns to cook & plays w/ pup, nitarra starts pup lessons w/ whistle, clothes shopping – tailor gropes rife, get’s quick etiquette lesson from guard, makes bet of whether kicked out

speak w/ king, reintroduced to elaina & eldritch, choose magic item to further assist guild & breland (ni’tarra-horned helm, drakar – frostwolf pelt, anea – harmonic songblade w/ siberys shard of the mage, kildrak – bracers of tactical blows, thorvin – eternal chalk {black red, and blue}, eldritch – boots of free movement, mirron – distant dagger)


HopeHarte HopeHarte

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