Wroat Warriors

Technically an independent company, these individuals are looked up to by all throughout Breland. These are the unofficial heroes of Wroat, the capital of Breland. They have thwarted Orc raiding parties on traveling merchants, 2 assassination attempts on the King himself, as well as intercepted a small army on its way to take the capital during the Last War.

If there is any danger to the capital, King Boranel personally requests the Wroat Warriors to deal with the situation. After many exceptional deeds on behalf of Breland, they all have received permanent accommendations within the Brokenblade Castle.


Shaena d’Jorasco – Halfling Cleric of Dol Arrah
Sebridien Elodith – Half-Elf Warlord
Andril – Tiefling Warlock
Zorandor – Human Ranger
Lankyem – Elf Fighter from Valenar

Wroat Warriors

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