Temple of the Shadow (Shadowfell)

At first glance, a small cave entrance appeared to be a bear’s cave. Upon further investigation, it was identified it be a natural portal to the Shadowfell.

Beyond a long trek into the belly of the cave was an open cavern. Stalagmites and stalactites formed teeth. Inside, a pair of chokers were found. Further into the cavern, there was a small room with the remains of the choker’s victims. A droplet of stream is against one wall, natural Shadowfell fungus’ growing.

A short hallway later opened into a large, almost perfectly parallel room with a large chasm in the middle. Multiple dark creepers maintained a presence here. Past them were 5 semi-identical rooms with curtains as doors. The only curtain that was brown also had a plywood door.

Just passed the bedrooms was a guardroom where a pair of Shadar-Kai watched over their sacrifices. After a few bends in the hallway, a small shrine and torture table were discovered. 3 Ghosts had made it their home after the atrocities that were committed to them anchored their souls. A small bookcase was set to each side, research notes and pictures laying on the shelves.

A small kennel with 3 shadowhounds was discovered, one being a mere pup. Beyond that was the Shadow’s Priestess’ bedroom and across the hall her acolytes’. Beyond that, in a circular room was the temple itself. Many hews, mostly in the shape of knee pads or individual chairs, laid before the shrine. Multiple dark creepers, with the Shadar-Kai priestess had turned the room into a fully functional temple to the god of corruption.

Temple of the Shadow (Shadowfell)

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