Population: 785 (73% humans, 8% half-elves, 5% elves, 4% dwarves, 3% orcs, 2% gnomes, 2% halflings, 2% goblinoids, 1% other)
Exports: Agriculture, dairy, fish, glass, grains, livestock, lumber, tools
Imports: Weapons, armors, ale, wine, processed goods
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin, Draconic

Sharing in the beliefs of its nation, Skyrim mixes a proud agricultural tradition with a more urban and industrial outlook. Many magical and technological advancements are utilized within the growing city. Due to an open-floor policy, any idea or plan to improve life is presented to the Lord. It is then decided if it is an avenue they, as a community, want to pursue to increase their survival and comfort.

Skyrim was founded just over 5 years ago by Lord Den’yre. The reasons and means of this is a common point of discussion among its citizens. What is confirmed of Skyrim’s origins is that Lord Den’yre arrived in the area, the mine was discovered, and he received permission from King Boranel to settle the land.

In the first month, Lord Den’yre already had sturdy, if uncomfortable, houses and buildings erect. A dozen miners were hired to work on the iron mine, and over two dozens farming households were relocated to the neighboring grasslands.


Skyrim’s agricultural output ranks it among one of the most self-sufficient settlements within Breland. Unlike most of its neighbors, it does produce an excess amount of crops. Most of these exports travel to Wroat and are distributed among its growing population. Due to the climate, many of the farmlands produce tropical crops, which they in turn sell to the neighboring countries.

However, due to the extensive reach of the farmlands, there is very little manufacturing done within Skyrim. Farm tools are crafted cheaply and in abundance. Other crafting facilities, like those of the breweries, smitheries, and factories are lacking. Many of these goods are imported directly from Wroat.

Beyond a few travelers and visitors, there is no direct influence by those of the Dragonmarked Houses. Once a month during the growing seasons, a caravan of merchants travels through Skyrim with goods from other nations.

Life and Society

A day’s out in any direction of Skyrim is rich farmland. This is do to the naturally rich soil and moderate rainfall, making the lives of the farmers relatively easy. A few plantations and hunting reservers are within traveling distance thanks to the close proximity to the great King’s Forest.

Rural life here resembles that in any other nation, with perhaps a bigger emphasis on personal freedom and a drive to succeed. Thanks to the timing of its founding, Skyrim did not see much of the Last War before it ended. This did not mean that it was ignorant of the battles or skipped. Though in a secure location well into Brelish country, there was one attempted invasion through the Dagger River. There is a memorial outside the gates of River Point Manor in honor of the lives lost during that invasion.

Due to its location and initial funding, few races have settled down in Skyrim during its 5 years. It is still expanding, and much of the architecture and structures have been modeled from other influences. However, other than the original miners, none of these buildings are actually built by the people whose culture is being emulated.

Both the King’s Road and the Lightning Rail pass within a day’s walk from Skyrim. Unfortunately, the closest stop for the Lightning Rail is in Wroat, a week away. As of now, the easiest travel is by the King’s Road, which is maintained and constantly patrolled.

Few refuges of Cyre have pressed far enough into Breland’s territory to reach Skyrim. Those who have been welcomed as part of the community. Since it was founded near the end of the war, and within months of the Mourning Land’s creation, there is few members of Skyrim who seek revenge against Cyrans. Instead, they are introduced to the town and invited as any other member of society. Few identify or discriminate against those from Cyre. Even fewer act on it, although it has occured before.

Government and Policies

Breland as a whole is a monarchy. King Boranel leads his people while a partially elected parliament makes the laws. These new laws are presented by the Lord’s scribe, Palnor, during a weekly town meeting and then posted in the market place. Any changes, including tax raises, curfews, or celebrations are announced during these meetings. In honor of Brelish tradition, these meetings also allow the common folk to be recognized, allowing them to state their ideas or opinions. However, since the town is still growing and laws are still adjusting to what is relevant to Skyrim, few people take this opportunity.

Power Groups

Though new to governing a town, Lord Den’yre is doing quite well. Where chaos and murder could occur with the still limited city watch, none has. Although nothing like his King, Lord Den’yre has kept Skyrim peaceful and out of most political struggles. However, due to the ever constant expansion of the town, how long can this peace last?

The White Dragons
The first guild established in Skyrim. Aside from their cleansing of the abandoned mine of both it’s kobold and dragon problems, it has reinvigorated the population. Many of the crafters and shops that were slowing down have picked back up, both in anticipation and request by the guild itself. It is unclear how long or large their influence will be, but for now it has changed the atmosphere of the town; the businesses that were becoming stagnant now breathing new life.


Skyrim’s citizens mainly belong to the Church of the Silver Flame or the Sovereign Host. As a whole, however, the community is not wholly eligious, believing in themselves than in gods who never walk the land. Nevertheless, there is a small temple dedicated to each faith. There are a few devout members of the faiths, though the temples are large enough to house double the devotes. A handful of clergy maintain the temples.

Important Sites

River Point Manor
The noble residence of Lord Den’yre. It sits atop a steep, man made hill that overlooks the town. Only one road leads safely to the gate of the manor where many of the members of the City Watch stand guard. The story of the manor states that an assassin attempted to kill the Lord just as the first shovel touched ground for Skyrim. However, as the assassin got within striking range, a laborer hit the would-be assassin in accident as he cleared the way for the manor. Unfortunately for the assassin, he rolled all the way down to the river, where his body was never found. It is believed that his body is somewhere within the foundation, guarding the grounds from any intruder until he can complete his last job.

River Point Manor contains many luxurious guest rooms, a small garrison, armory, and two kitchens. There are also multiple other rooms and features that are necessary to keep the place in full operation, as well as house any visiting royalty or nobility. In previous years, Lord Den’yre has left the town in Palnor’s care as he visits family outside of town.

Abandoned Mine
A once functioning iron mine. It was how the settlement was funded when first founded. Unfortunately, after only two years worth of mining, the ore flow stopped. After multiple attempts and thousands of gold pieces spent, the expedition further into the mine was halted.

  • Recently it was discovered that, beyond the labyrinth formed from the additional attempts, there is a natural cavern. In that cavern there was a vein of, as of yet, unidentified ore. However, the ore itself resonated with latent magical energy.

The Drunken Phoenix
This is the second largest inn within Skyrim, though it is the largest one that also seconds as a tavern. It is arguable the most popular inn, however. Many people after a long day’s work stop into Ben’s inn to relax. A dozen guest bedrooms are upstairs, which includes a few of the creature comforts a person would want after traveling. A bathing tub is available for use for any patron for two copper pieces. The tavern has one of the largest selections of liquor in Skyrim, including mead, ale, and wine w/ berry juice (see Poisons).

Though primarily run by Ben himself, he has a few helping hands around the kitchen and dining room. Primarily this help comes in the form of his two goblin sons, Barnayr and Kranaog. Even though these two spend more time fighting each other than helping, many people appear to forget their worries as they watch the twins argue with each other, until Ben pipes in and they stop for a few minutes.

Twilight Market
A bazaar found in an already worn down warehouse after dusk. For those looking for the less obtainable, or only available at nights, this is the market for them. Very little of the items sold are stolen. Most of them are either too expensive to keep out on the streets, or so obscure that only those who already know of the market would be looking for it. Many shopkeepers hire a second clerk to handle the night shift, finding their profits increased when their business was open during the late hours as well.

Many traveling merchants hire local trader to sell their leftover goods in the Twilight Market on their last night in town. Most of the regular merchants try to hire Dara, a jeweler, since she is one of the most successful shopkeepers in the market. Though few see her goods actually sold, none of her goods ever missing go missing. However, options are always available to hire other members of the Twilight Market to pawn goods off or make a quick coin.


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