Rituals are complex ceremonies that create magic effects. You don’t memorize or prepare a ritual; a ritual is so long and complex that no one could ever commit the whole thing to memory. To perform a ritual, you need to read from a book or a scroll containing it.

A ritual book contains one or more rituals that you can use as often and as many times as you like, as long as you can spare the time and the components to perform the ritual.

A ritual scroll contains a single ritual, and you can perform the ritual from that scroll only once. After that, the magic contained in the scroll is expended, and the scroll turns to dust. Anyone can use a ritual scroll to perform the ritual it contains, as long as the appropriate components are expended.

Various Ritual Books

Some ritual casters record their rituals in an unorthodox manner. They inscribe rituals on cured hides, etch them into stone tablets, or paint them onto armor or weapons. Remote cultures and isolated ritual casters have even more esoteric methods of storing and encoding their rituals, from patterns of knots tied in rope to tiny statuettes displaying the required body motions, or even tubes of glass that convey the ritual through shape and color. No matter what form it takes, a variant ritual book still requires a 50 gp investment. In addition, a ritual caster must spend the same amount of time to create it and to master the rituals within it as with the traditional ritual books.

Each of these unusual methods of storing rituals contains the same amount of space for recording rituals as a traditional ritual book.

Level Ritual Key Skill Category
1 Amanuensis Arcana Creation
1 Animal Messenger Nature Exploration
1 Arcane Mark Arcana Creation
1 Conceal Dragonmark Arcana Deception
1 Create Campsite Nature Exploration
1 Create Holy Water Religion Creation
1 Comprehend Language Arcana Exploration
1 Dowsing Rod Nature Divination
1 Gentle Repose Heal Restoration
1 Glib Limerick* Arcana Deception
1 Magic Mouth Arcana Exploration
1 Make Whole Arcana Exploration
1 Portend Weather Nature Divination
1 Purify Water Arcana, Nature, or Religion Exploration
1 Secret Page Arcana Warding
1 Silence Arcana Warding
1 Simbul’s Conversion Arcana or Heal Restoration
1 Summon Homunculi Arcana Creation
1 Tenser’s Floating Disk Arcana Exploration
1 Traveler’s Camouflage Nature Deception
1 Traveler’s Chant* Arcana Exploration
1 Unseen Servant Arcana Creation
2 Bloom Nature Exploration
2 Endure Elements Arcana or Nature Exploration
2 Eye of Alarm Arcana Warding
2 Fluid Funds* Arcana Creation
2 Lower Water Nature Exploration
2 Pyrotechnics Arcana Creation
2 Seek Rumor Arcana Divination
2 Tree Shape Nature Exploration
2 Water Walk Nature Exploration
3 Affect Normal Fire Arcana or Nature Exploration
3 Bind Undead Arcana Binding
3 Detect Secret Doors Arcana Exploration
3 Fool’s Gold Arcana Deception
3 Lullaby* Arcana Exploration
3 Summon Winds Arcana or Nature Exploration
3 Thief’s Lament Arcana or Religion Warding
3 Ward Against Undead Religion Warding
4 Arcane Lock Arcana Warding
4 Beast Growth Nature Exploration
4 Call of Friendship* Diplomacy Exploration
4 Dark Light Arcana Exploration
4 Eavesdropper’s Foil Arcana Warding
4 Empower Undead Arcana Exploration
4 Enchant Magic Item Arcana Creation
4 Feat of Strength Nature Exploration
4 Hand of Fate Religion Divination
4 Iron Vigil Religion Exploration
4 Knock Arcana Exploration
4 Snare Nature Warding
4 Traveler’s Feast Nature Exploration
5 Animal Friendship Nature Binding
5 Brew Potion Arcana or Religion Creation
5 Create and Bind Graft Arcana Creation
5 Hallucinatory Item Arcana Deception
5 Magic Circle Arcana Binding
5 Object Reading Arcana Divination
5 Speak with Nature Nature Divination
5 Starshine Nature Warding
6 Ancestral Whispers Religion Divination
6 Call Wilderness Guide Nature Exploration
6 Clear the Path Nature Exploration
6 Commune with Nature Nature Divination
6 Cure Disease Heal Restoration
6 Deathly Shroud Arcana or Religion Deception
6 Discern Lies Religion Divination
6 Disenchant Magic Item Arcana Creation
6 Duplicate Arcana Creation
6 Fey Passage Arcana or Nature Travel
6 Find the Path Nature Exploration
6 Fool’s Speech* Arcana Deception
6 Ironwood Nature Creation
6 Leomund’s Secret Chest Arcana Exploration
6 Phantom Steed Arcana Exploration
6 Preserve Flame Arcana Exploration
6 Remove Graft Arcana Creation
6 Sending Arcana Exploration
6 Shrink Arcana Exploration
6 Speak with Dead Religion Exploration
6 Steed Summons Arcana Travel
6 Tiny Lanterns Arcana Exploration
6 Tree Stride Nature Travel
6 Wyvern Watch Arcana Warding
7 Spirit Idol Heal Restoration
8 Analyze Portal Arcana Divination
8 Anthem of Unity* Diplomacy Binding
8 Inquisitive’s Eyes Arcana Divination
8 Linked Portal Arcana Travel
8 Raise Dead Heal Restoration
8 Remove Affliction Heal Restoration
8 Shadow Bridge Arcana Exploration
8 Shadow Passage Arcana or Religion Travel
8 Share Husk Nature Exploration
8 Song of Sustenance* Arcana Exploration
8 Status Arcana Divination
8 Water Breathing Arcana or Nature Exploration
8 Wizard’s Sight Arcana Scrying
9 Detect Treasure Arcana Exploration
9 Magic Map Arcana Divinitation
9 Tune of Merriment* Arcana Exploration
10 Aria of Revelation* Arcana Divination
10 Chorus of Truth* Arcana Exploration
10 Consult Mystic Sages Religion Divination
10 Detect Object Arcana Exploration
10 Eagles’ Flight Nature Exploration
10 Enhance Vessel Arcana Exploration
10 Secure Shelter Arcana or Nature Creation
10 Song of Restfulness* Arcana Exploration
10 Trailblaze Nature Exploration
10 Water’s Gift Nature Exploration
11 Banish Illusions Arcana Warding
11 History Revealed Arcana Divination
12 Arcane Barrier Arcana Warding
12 Demicache Arcana Warding
12 Drawmij’s Instant Summons Arcana Travel
12 Elemental Transference Arcana Travel
12 Hallowed Temple Religion Creation
12 Hallucinatory Creature Arcana Deception
12 Mark of Justice Religion Binding
12 Passwall Arcana Exploration
12 Reverse Portal Arcana Travel
12 Rope Trick Arcana Exploration
12 Seeming Arcana Deception
12 Shadow Walk Arcana Exploration
14 Astral Guide Religion Binding
14 Control Weather Nature Exploration
14 Eye of Warning Arcana Warding
14 Masking Shroud* Arcana Warding
14 Primal Prison Nature Binding
14 Scramble Portal Arcana Warding
14 Telepathic Bond Arcana Exploration
14 Time Ravager Arcana Creation
14 View Location Arcana Scrying
14 Walk Crossroads Nature Travel
14 Waterborn Arcana or Nature Exploration
14 Whispers of the Edifice Arcana Exploration
15 Astral Sojourn Religion Travel
15 Create Teleportation Circle Arcana Travel
16 Adjure Religion Binding
16 Consult Oracle Religion Divination
16 Create Undead Arcana Creation
16 Fantastic Recuperation Heal Restoration
16 Far Sending Arcana Exploration
16 Farsight Arcana Scrying
18 Guards and Wards Arcana Warding
18 Planar Portal Arcana Travel
18 Plane Shift Arcana Travel
18 View Object Arcana Scrying
19 Primal Grove Nature Travel
20 Forbiddance Arcana Warding
20 Plague Upon the Living Arcana Creation
20 Scry Trap Arcana Scrying and Warding
20 Soulguard Heal Restoration
20 Succor Religion Travel
21 Create True Homunculi Arcana Creation
22 Divine Sight Religion Divination
22 Loremaster’s Bargain Religion Divination
24 Greater Curse of Unlife Arcana Restoration
24 Observe Creature Arcana Scrying
25 Ease Spirit Heal Restoration
26 Shift Mote Arcana Exploration
26 Voice of Fate Religion Divination
28 Imprisonment Arcana Warding
28 True Portal Arcana Travel
30 Final Dirge of Summoning Arcana Creation
30 Raise Land Arcana Creation
  • Prerequisites apply.


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