Martial Practices

Beyond the exploits for which they’re famed, martial heroes can push the bounds of what is possible for ordinary mortals by mastering challenging techniques called martial practices. Using these rare methods, an adventurer can run for days, swim to great depths, and even create magic items. Although martial practices approach what’s possible with rituals, they exist wholly in the realm of martial prowess.

A martial practice is similar to a ritual. To use a martial practice, you must acquire it, master it, and perform it. The component costs sometimes include healing surges. After you finish performing a practice, you gain its benefit.


Typically you must perform a martial practice with·out help.

Interrupting a Martial Practice

You can stop performing a martial practice at any point before it’s completed without expending any healing surges or other component costs. Once you stop, you cannot resume the performance; you must start the entire process over again.

Key Skill

This entry gives the skill you must be trained in to master and perform the practice. If this entry ends with “(no check),” then performing the practice does not require a skill check.

If a practice has more than one key skill, you choose which skill to use.

Level Martial Practice Key Skill
1 Master Artisan Athletics
1 Temporary Fix Athletics or Thievery
1 Tracker’s Eye Nature or Perception
1 Travel Sense Nature
2 Embalm Heal
2 Survivor’s Preparation Nature
3 Speech without Words Diplomacy
3 Warded Campsite Nature or Thievery
4 Forge Armor Athletics
4 Forge Weapon Athletics
5 Fortify Beast Nature
5 Hidden Pocket Thievery
5 Precise Forgery Thievery
5 Reliable Balance Acrobatics
5 Thorough Search Perception
5 Uncanny Strength Athletics or Endurance
6 Decipher Script History or Streetwise
6 Long-Distance Runner Athletics or Endurance
8 Alter Ego Bluff
8 Feign Death Bluff or Endurance
8 Handle Steed Nature
11 Word on the Street Streetwise
12 Peerless Exploration Stealth
15 Use Scroll Thievery
17 Survivor’s Assurance Nature

Martial Practices

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