Kobolds revere dragons and tend to dwell in and around places where dragons are known to lair. They skulk in the darkness, hiding from stronger foes and swarming to overwhelm weaker ones. Kobolds are cowardly and usually flee once bloodied unless a strong leader is present.


Kobold minions are fierce in packs, but cowardly when separated.


Kobold Soldier’s gang up on a single target to gain the benefit of a mob attack. They retreat when the fight turns against them, leading pursuers through passages and rooms riddled with traps, if possible.

Almost identical to their “minion” brothers, except their preferred weapon is the spear.


Kobold slingers avoid melee combat. They prefer to stay behind cover and bombard foes with special shot and sling stones.

These nasty creatures have specially designed bullets with varying effects that include; alchemist’s fire, rancid lunch, and sticky glue.


Kobold Leaders are capable frontline combatants, keeping enemies away from their weaker kobold allies with their swords and shields. They like to gang up on single targets.

They are usually distinguished by the skullcap they have covering their head and muzzle, and their ability to communicate effective tactics.


A wyrmpriest keeps lots of kobold underlings between it and its enemies, using incite faith to embolden them. It prefers to make ranged attacks using energy orb, and enemies that get too close are blasted with dragon breath.

A wyrmpriest’s energy orb deals damage of a specific type based on the type of dragon the wyrmpriest serves or reveres.

Can usually be recognized by a totem it is carrying & its bone mask. Almost immediately identified if it uses energy orb.


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