House Kundrak Warding

This is a itemized list of the services available through House Kundrak.


This service is available anywhere an enclave of the House Kundrak is available. You can deposit any amount of money into a branch. A slip is provided to you indicating the amount, the individual, and the location the slip is created at. At any point you can go to a House Kundrak building, not just the one you deposited at, and withdraw your funds at 95% the value. The 5% is the fee for holding and securing your funds while with the House.

Deposit boxes are also available for use. The following chart is the prices based on the size of the deposit box. It takes 24-hours for the deposit box to become available if requested outside of the original Bank.

Size Price per Week Price per Month Price per Year
Tiny (2″×5″ and 12 inches long) 5 sp 2 gp 20 gp
Small (2″×5″ and 18 inches long) 1 gp 4 gp 40 gp
Medium (4″×10″ and is 12 inches long) 2 gp 8 gp 80 gp
Average (4″×10″ and is 18 inches long) 3 gp 12 gp 100 gp
Large (15″×22″ and 12 inches long) 5 gp 20 gp 200 gp
Extra (15″×22″ and 18 inches long) 8 gp 30 gp 350 gp

House Kundrak is also able to exchange your money safely and cheaply. Unlike most merchants, who are willing to make the exchange for up to a 10% fee, House Kundrak does not. To keep the money back in your pocket, they exchange at only 5% of the funds being exchanged, and can guarantee it to be available within 1 minute. Due to the House’s own Mark of Warding, they have access to a ritual called Fluid Funds. A coffer is used to exchange not only coins, but artworks and gems into their equivalent gold coin value. Unfortunately, mundane items (like weapons and armors) as well as magic items, cannot be exchanged in this manor.


This service allows a person or business to protect their investments and assets. With both mundane and magical means, physical and ritual, there are many options available to choose from.

Item Price Statistical Effect
Book Lock
* Fair 10 gp Thievery DC 10
* Good 20 gp Thievery DC 15
* Excellent 30 gp Thievery DC 20
* Steel Link Strap 5 gp Thievery DC 5
* Fair 50 gp Thievery DC 15
* Good 100 gp Thievery DC 20
* Poor 20 gp Thievery DC 10
Name Price of Service Quick Statistic Timeframe
Arcane Barrier* 1,500 gp 2×2 barrier, invisible 10 squares away 4 hours, Permanent (x3 Service Price)
Arcane Lock 50 gp caster arcana + 5 DC for Thievery and Break Checks Permanent unless defeated
Banish Illusion* 1,200 gp Close burst 4: -2 to illusion attacks, no invisibility 24 hours
Demicache* 1,500 gp Demiplane pocket to store 250 lbs of nonliving Special
Eavesdropper’s Foil 120 gp Eavesdroppers take – 10 Perception, moves with target 4 hours
Eye of Alarm 50 gp Invisible watchful eye, warning system if intruder in room 24 hours, Permanent with 100 gp focus
Eye of Warning 1,100 gp Eye of Alarm, detects & destroys scrying, caster aware 24 hours, Permanent with 1,600 gp focus
Forbiddance* 8,500 gp Area is protected against teleportation & scrying 24 hours, special
Guards and Wards* 8,500 gp 30×30×20 covers in fog, doors/windows arcane locked 24 hours, Permanent (special)
Scry Trap* 1,200 gp Be alarmed if scryed on; view scryer 24 hours or discharged
Secret Page 15 gp 1 page (250 words) invisible or falsified to other readers Permanent
Silence 45 gp ward room (4×4) against eavesdroppers, – 10 Perception outside 24 hours
Snare 50 gp 2×2 snare, may ensnare target who triggered, caster aware 8 hours or discharged
Starshine 60 gp 10×10, intangible blue lights hover in place causing a -5 penalty to Stealth checks 8 hours
Thief’s Lament 250 gp -5 Stealth & Thievery, size based on caster 24 hours, Permanent (special)
Ward Against Undead 100 gp Wards a varied radius against undead, undead cannot enter 1 hour
Wyvern Watch 150 gp 4×4 wyvern guard, may ensnare target who triggered, caster aware 8 hours or discharged
Special: If ritual is sustained for a year and a day, becomes permanent.
  • Not available everywhere.
Name Price Description
All-Seeing Eye* 325,000 Eye detects invisible creatures in LOS, master knows detection
Door of Alarm 520 gp Shrill alarm goes off if intruder passes through door
Door Warden* 13,000 gp Door ornament toughens door & judges to open/keep sealed
Silence-Warded Room 840 gp Speak a command word to cause a -10 Perception to creatures outside the room
Watchful Eye* 13,000 gp When a creature is in the eye’s LOS, it warns you with the creature’s presence and description
Window of Deception 680 gp Create an illusion seen on either side of window
  • Not available everywhere.

House Kundrak Warding

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