Dragonmark House Services

Khorvaire’s economy and prosperity would not be what they are today without the services of the dragonmarked houses. What follows are a few of the services these powerful institutions offer.

Dragonmark House Services Service Price
House Lyrandar Airship 50 gp for going from one kingdom to an adjacent kingdom, up to 300 gp for trips to other continents
House Lyrandar Elemental 10 gp to the closest port of call, up to 150 gp for trips to other continents
House Orien Coach/Caravan 1 gp per stop
House Orien Lightning Rail 5 gp per rail stop
House Orien Mail Service 5 cp per mail stop
House Sivis Message Station 5 gp per page transmitted
House Sivis Translation Rituals 2 gp per page translated; Cost of components plus 10% of market price
Skycoach, Across City 1 gp

House Cannith: This dragonmarked house makes a great deal of profit through the sale of both magical and mundane goods in the marketplace. House enclaves can provide access to crafters or rituals to repair damaged or broken objects.

House Jorasco: For creatures beaten badly, afflicted with a disease, or even dead, a House Jorasco enclave is the equal of any temple when it comes to healing.

House Kundarak: This house provides protection of rooms or objects. The Banking Guild provides letters of credit, money-changing services, and vaults throughout the Five Nations.

House Lyrandar: Famed for its flying vessels, House Lyrandar offers passage on airships capable of covering 20 miles per hour. For a more modest price, the house also offers passage by elemental galleons to any port in Khorvaire.

House Orien: Commanding travel by land, House Orien oversees the lightning rail, elemental coaches, and the mail service that connects cities across central Khorvaire.

House Sivis: A House Sivis message station can transmit messages to any other message station on the continent in a moment’s time. House Sivis’s scribes also provide translation services and document authentication.

Dragonmark House Services

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