Malevolent and corrupt, devils are the rebellious servants of the gods now living in the Nine Hells, one of the darkest dominions on the Astral Sea. Devils come in many varieties, from the sly imp to the mighty archdevils known as the Lords of the Nine, each a ruler of one of the Nine Hells. The greatest of these infernal lords is the god Asmodeus, prince of Nessus, the ninth hell.

Most devils outside of the Nine Hells have been brought to the natural world by evil mortals employing dark rituals.


Imps act as spies and emissaries for more powerful devils. Mortals often make bargains with imps, thinking that the weak devils are easy to control. Ultimately, most imps prove their loyalties lie with the Lords of the Nine and not any mortal master.

Imps are devious and deadly mischief-makers. They take pleasure in tricking mortals into harming one another. Imps partner with mortals who seek magical power. By helping their “masters” attain new spells or locate magic items, imps foster a madness for power that leads their masters to perform evil acts.

Imps possess impressive knowledge about magical subjects. They gain most of their information from other devils, from past experience, or from spying efforts of their own.


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