1) The question is, what quest on the board would grab your attention? And better yet, how did you find yourself here at all?
Written histories are a must, and the more detailed the better. It lets me get an idea of where you’ve been, what brings you here..and most of all how to bring it back to haunt you (or help, I guess). This information can be worth UP TO 250 XP. It is not based on grammer or spelling, but the content in which you write it. How did your character go from a 0th level nobody (or a minion) to a full fledged Hero, who could look at other people’s problem (or gold) and see opportunity?

2) On top of that, since we’re all role players, I would also ask that you fill out these 30 Questions so I can understand your character. Motivations, traumas, personal demons, and triumphs. This will be worth UP TO 150 XP. Again, not on spelling or anything, but how much it fleshes out your character, or just inspires me (laughing or scheming are definitely wanted).

3) Fill out your character’s wiki completely (describe their look, mannerisms, habbits) and fill out the character sheet. Its an easy 50 XP! And makes remembering your fellow characters easier too!

Completed Challenges


  • 30 Questions
  • History


  • 30 Questions


  • 30 Questions


NPC Challenge

There is also a challenge available for the NPCs of the group. This will mostly apply for the friends/guildies acquired over time to gain experience as well. If they are asked questions, ie players show an active interest in one, then they can gain XP. There is no set XP top out for the NPCs, but the more invested the players are in one, the more XP could be gained.


Wanted: Treasure and Fame HopeHarte HopeHarte