Armor provides a barrier between you and your foes—or, put more bluntly, between you and death. Every class provides access to one or more armor proficiencies, and it’s in your best interest to wear the finest armor you can.

Armor Armor Bonus Minimum Enhancement Bonus Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Bonus
Cloth Armor (Light) +0 1 4 lb.
Githweave Armor +3 special 4 lb. +1 to Will
Feyweave Armor +1 +4 special 5 lb.
Efreetweave Armor +1 +5 special 2 lb. +1 Will
Starweave Armor +2 +6 special 3 lb.
Leather Armor (Light) +2 25 15 lb.
Drowmesh Armor +2 +3 special 10 lb. +1 Reflex
Feyleather Armor +3 +4 special 15 lb.
Anathema Armor +3 +5 special 10 lb. +1 Reflex
Starleather Armor +4 +6 special 15 lb.
Hide Armor (Light) +3 –1 30 25 lb.
Earthhide Armor +3 +3 –1 special 25 lb. +1 Fortitude
Darkhide Armor +4 +4 –1 special 25 lb.
Stalkerhide Armor +4 +5 –1 special 25 lb. +1 Fortitude
Elderhide Armor +5 +6 –1 special 25 lb.
Chainmail (Heavy) +6 –1 –1 40 40 lb.
Crysteel Armor +8 +4 –1 –1 special 40 lb. +2 Will
Forgemail +9 +4 –1 –1 special 40 lb.
Weavemail Armor +10 +5 –1 –1 special 40 lb. +1 Will
Spiritmail +12 +6 –1 –1 special 40 lb.
Scale Armor (Heavy) +7 –1 45 45 lb.
Stormscale Armor +9 +4 –1 special 45 lb. +2 Fortitude
Wyrmscale Armor +10 +4 –1 special 45 lb.
Nagascale Armor +11 +5 –1 special 45 lb. +1 Fortitude
Elderscale Armor +13 +6 –1 special 45 lb.
Plate Armor (Heavy) +8 –2 –1 50 50 lb.
Rimefire Plate Armor +8 +2 –2 –1 special 50 lb. Resist 1 all
Warplate Armor +11 +4 –2 –1 special 50 lb. _
Tarrasque Plate Armor +12 +6 –2 –1 special 50 lb. Resist 5 all
Godplate Armor +14 +6 –2 –1 special 50 lb.
Shields Bonus
Light Shield +1 5 6 lb.
Heavy Shield +2 –2 10 15 lb.

Cloth Armor: Jackets, mantles, woven robes, and padded vests don’t, by themselves, provide any significant protection. However, you can imbue them with protective magic. Cloth armor doesn’t slow you down or hinder your movement at all. All characters are proficient with cloth armor. Githweave armors infuse some form of crystal into the textiles, channeling mind energy to fortify the body. Feyweave armor is woven with techniques perfected by the eladrin. Starweave armor is fashioned after patterns created in the divine dominions of the Astral Sea. Efreetweave armor uses rare reagents and metallic threads from the Elemental Chaos.

Leather Armor: Leather armor is sturdier than cloth armor. It protects vital areas with multiple layers of boiled-leather plates, while covering the limbs with supple leather that provides a small amount of protection. Drowmesh uses strands of leather woven together in a fine lattice for maximum flexibility. Feyleather armor is cured by an elven method
that leaves the armor supple but tougher than normal leather. Yuan-ti overlap fine “scales” of leather to produce the incredibly supple snakeskin armor, and they weave stands of this with shadow magic to produce anathema armor. Starleather armor is infused with the raw spiritual matter of the Astral Sea, making it light and strong.

Hide Armor: Thicker and heavier than leather, hide armor is composed of skin from any creature that Hide armor can bind and slightly hinder your precision, but it’s light enough that it doesn’t affect your speed. Dwarves use earth energy to fortify earthhide, mimicking the strange living-earth skin of creatures such as the galeb duhr and the earth titan. Darkhide armor is a superior tiefling armor cured in fire and infused with shadow. Astral stalker preservation techniques yield stalkerhide. Elderhide armor involves scouring with elemental forces.

Chainmail: Metal rings woven together into a shirt, leggings, and a hood make up a suit of chainmail. Chainmail grants good protection, but it’s cumbersome, so it reduces your mobility and agility. Genasi mix steel with magic volcanic glass to create resilient crysteel armor. Forgemail armor is made with superior metallurgy and a chainmaking technique mastered by dwarves. Weavemail is an exquisite armor made according to an advanced technique perfected in the eladrin courts of the Feywild, consisting of closely linked chains that provide few openings for enemy attacks. Spiritmail armor is made with techniques from the divine dominions of the Astral Sea.

Scale Armor: Overlapping pieces of highly durable material, such as steel or even dragon scales, make up scale armor. Despite its heaviness, scale is surprisingly easy to wear; its straps and buckles make it adjustable and able to fit snugly on the body, allowing flexibility and agility. Mundane scale armor uses metal plates. Stormscale armor resembles the storm gorgon’s
hardened plating and incorporates elemental magic. Wyrmscale is made using ancient techniques the dragonborn invented to mimic the strength of overlapping dragon scales, and elderscale is a similar armor scoured with elemental forces. Ancient yuan-ti crafting techniques infuse metal plates with elemental power to produce nagascale armor.

Plate Armor: The heaviest type of armor, made up of shaped plates of metal or similarly resilient material, plate provides the most armor protection. The cost for its superior fortification is mobility and agility. Rimefire plate is bathed in elemental frost and fire to infuse it with hardness. Tarrasque plate, designed to emulate the tarrasque’s impenetrable hide, has hundreds of nodules packed between very thin metal layers, each treated with a different process. Legend holds that Onatar made the first godplate armor, and ancient dwarf smiths copied his patterns imperfectly to make warplate armor.

Light Shield: You need to use your shield hand to wield a light shield properly. You can still use that hand to hold another item, to climb, or the like. However, you can’t use your shield hand to make attacks.

Heavy Shield: When you use a heavy shield, you gain a greater bonus to your AC and Reflex defense, but you can’t use your shield hand for any other task.


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