Tag: Magical Beast


  • Dragons

    h4. *White Dragon* They breathe terrifying blasts of ice and primarily dwell in cold climates. White dragons like to swoop down on their enemies from above or spring up from a hiding place beneath snow or ice.

  • Manticore

    A manticore flings iron spikes from its tail. Irritable and mean, it attacks without provocation and does not negotiate with prey. Manticores often make their lairs in caves or on sheltered ledges high on rocky peaks. They hunt by picking a high spot …

  • Nightmare

    A Nightmare often serves as a steed for a more powerful evil creature. Although it superficially resembles a shadowy black horse, a nightmare is intelligent, carnivorous, and cruel. h4. Large Shadow Magical Beast (Mount) *Initiative* + 12 *Senses* …

  • Hounds

    Hounds are ferocious beasts that serve as loyal companions to a wide variety of creatures, often assisting their masters in hunting, tracking, and killing prey. h4. *Shadow Hound* Monsters of the Shadowfell use these feared hunters to harry the …