Spying Mirrors (pair)

You look into one mirror and see out of its twin.


Wondrous Item 85,000 gp
Power (At-Will): Standard Action. When each of these mirrors is affixed to a solid structure and you’re adjacent to one of the mirrors, you can see and hear through the other mirror as if you were in its square until the start of your next turn. If you choose, creatures adjacent to the other mirror can also see and hear through yours.

Special: Spying mirrors are generally created as a matched pair, each mirror attuned to to the other. One or more other mirrors can be attunted to both mirrors of a pair, allowing you to use this item’s at-will power to look out through any one of the mirrors of the seat (add 42,500 gp to the price for each additional mirror attuned). A single mirror can belong to only one set of spying mirrors.


Spying Mirrors (pair)

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