A very passionate alchemy prodigy.


This dwarf stands proudly at 4’7" with a thick build. As is associated with dwarves, he has a natural bald spot on the top of his head. What hair did grow, he has shaved, leaving his rather impressive beard and mustache alone. His mustache, in tradition to his people, has been put into handlebar braids. His brick red beard shows his age, thin silver strands weaving through. His skin has been bronzed over the fires of his many experiments. Small burns move up his left hand and covers a small section of his neck. His pale blue eyes are always searching for inspiration for his next experiment.

When working, which is whenever he’s not schmoozing or traveling, he wears a heavy leather apron with a beard pocket over a simple pair of breeches. Hidden inside his beard pocket is a small notebook with all the ideas and experiment results. He carries a small traveling box that includes his current projects, half-tested or “simmering”. Steel-tipped, high boots protect his feet from his many projects. A pair of goggles are either sitting on his head between ideas, or magnifying his sight while he looks over the finished products. Rarely, however, does he remember to put them on DURING the experiment, leading to a few incidents where he lost his eyebrows.


Discovered: A lozenge that allows a person to stay in the Mournlands 1 hour extra before effects set in.
A tablet that emulates water for the body.

Is originally from the Mror Holds, although not on great speaking terms since one of his alchemical experiments went arie. Is good friends with Lord Den’yre.

Alchemy Formulas
Antivenom Clearsense Powder Panther Tears
Wound Patch
Brew Potion Disenchant Magic Item
Enchant Magic Item Make Whole


Wanted: Treasure and Fame HopeHarte HopeHarte