Shaena d'Jorasco

A halfling cleric of Dol Arrah who specializes as a field medic for House Jorasco.


Standing just shy of 4’0", Shaena is a very proud halfling. Her hair is almost platinum blonde, pinned up into an efficient bun. She has piercing, soft brown eyes. There is always a sense of sadness in her eyes when she looks away from anyone. Her skin is deeply tanned. Her voice, while slightly high, demands attention and carries well.

When she is not working with the Wroat Warriors, she dresses simply. A pale yellow vest is atop her soft, red blouse. She is usually wearing either a pair of dark blue pants or a light blue skirt. Soft, heeled boots cover her feet. No matter where she is, however, she always carries her healer’s bag and the holy symbol of Dol Arrah. Starting from the knuckles on her left hand to her elbow is an intrict knot tattoo. Those who have seen dragonmarks would recognize the knot pattern as the Mark of Healing of House Jorasco.


Shaena d'Jorasco

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