Rife Gallionson

Rife wages into combat looking for a honorable death.


AC 17
STR 14
CON 16 FORT 18
DEX 15
INT 10 REF 13
WIS 12
CHA 11 WILL 12

Class Features:

Combat Agility:
You gain the Combat Agility power

Brawler Style:
While you wield a weapon in
your primary hand and your offhand is free (see the
Sidebar), you gain a +1 bonus to AC and a +2 bonus to
In addition, you gain a +2 proficiency bonus with
unarmed attacks and a +2 bonus to grab attacks and
attacks to move a creature grabbed by you. These
bonuses increase to +4 at 11 th level and +6 at 21 st

Combat Challenge:
In combat, it’s dangerous to ignore a fighter. Every
time you attack an enemy, whether the attack hits or
misses, you can choose to mark that target. The mark
lasts until the end of your next turn. While a target
is marked, it takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls for any
attack that doesn’t include you as a target. A creature
can be subject to only one mark at a time. A new mark
supersedes a mark that was already in place.
In addition, whenever an enemy marked by you is
adjacent to you and shifts or makes an attack that does
not include you, you can make a melee basic attack
against that enemy as an immediate interrupt.

Brawler Guard
+1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex when one hand is free

Weapon Proficiency – Bastard Sword
Gain proficiency with the weapon of your choice

Trained Skills:


Grappling Strike
Slash and pummel
Sure Strike
Combat Agility

Takedown Attack

Seize and Stab

Scale Armor
Bastard Sword
Standard Adventure’s Kit


As a lad I was tough, I grew up hard, brothers and father always training me as much as they could. Mother and sister helping me get back on my feet, and of course keeping me well fed. That was my childhood, next comes adolescence. I went on many grand adventures with my family, gained much glory fighting rabble and rodents. Then came my teenage years. More training and combat, we never stayed in one place for too long, we were traveler, adventurers! Then it happened, my late teenage years, we were ambushed by a squad of elves claiming one of my brothers kill one of their squad-mates. My father tried to talk them down, saying that we should be comrades not enemys, then out of nowhere their leader drew his sword and ran him straight through. My brothers and I charged them attacking them, but alas we were no match then butchered us all, and as we were on the ground bleeding they came up to my weeping mother and sister and executed them both as I watched. “None shall be spared.” They claimed, they left on there horses, I shut my tear drenched eyes waiting for the end. I woke up. In a tent. Alive. And I couldn’t be more disappointed. It turned out, a traveling merchant saved me and layed my family to rest, I thanked him for that and left heavily wounded, he was asked me if I have a death wish. I told him: “My family is dead, and I am alone, I will die, and be reunited with them. But only if I die with glory.” And I left to find that glory, and with luck, die.

Rife Gallionson

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