A man of perpetual annoyance; self-assured scribe for Lord Den'yre.


A man surrounded by an air of self-importance. He appears to look down at anyone below him from his short height of 5’4". His face has no laugh lines, showing off how impressively pale he is. Dark brown eyes see past most people around him. His black hair is short and well kept. Signs of his profession as a scribe are obvious; almost permanent black line streaks over the left side of his lips, his teeth stained by ink.

To make his position indisputable, he dresses like a noble. A fancy hat with a purple feather immediately identifies him. A thick, dark blue doublet covers a prestine white shirt. The cuffs of his shirt poke out at the edge of his doublet, hinting at the layers he wears. Dark breeches are held up by a thick belt, which includes a silver buckle with the Breland crest.


He is the personal scribe for Lord Den’yre. Once a week he rounds the townspeople of Skyrim to the center and announces any important changes or news. He is unaccustomed to change and responds poorly to it. This was especially apparent in the event of Ni’Tarra’s announcement in Skyrim of the dragon’s death and that the new tax laws were a good thing. Even though her speech helped him explain the importance of the increased taxes, he was blatantly upset by the unexpected interruption.


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