A dark creeper adopted by the White Dragons after "persuading" him to be good with shinies.


He stands just under 4 feet tall, although the cape he wears makes it hard to be specific. His head is shaved, leaving nothing to be grabbed or managed. He is missing a part of the pinky on his right hand, which does not seem to affect his ability to use a dagger at all. And his eyes, which take in any form of light in the darkness, are milky white.

His everyday outfit does not change from traveling or sitting around. A simple black cloak covers his head and face. A dark, deep brown shirt and sleeve covers his top. He wears black pants made from a native creature of the Shadowlands. And then soft soled, black boots. No matter where he goes, he is carrying at least 5 daggers on him, although the location of the daggers is up for debate.


He is OBSESSED with anything considered shiny. The biggest example of this is when he was “hired” as a guide by the White Dragons while in the Shadowfell with a copper coin. He is currently working as their locksmith expert; overcoming the complex and enchanted lock to the prison door to the victims of the Shadow’s cult, inside the Shadowfell.

His newest mantra is, “For Shinies!”. This mantra was provided to him by Ni’Tarra when she requested his help and explained what being a good person and hero meant. It is a thin line, for sure, but for now he is one of the good guys.


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