A timid Goliath raised by a dwarven smith.


Standing just shy of 7’6" tall, Kildrak is at least half that wide in raw muscle. His ash skin has dark patches near the bone ridges covering his body. Small bone growths stud his eyebrows, cheek bones, jaw line, humerus, ribs, and femur. Normally his dark green eyes are gentle, averting eye contact with strangers. In combat, however, they lighten as he stares down his enemies. As is tradition with goliaths, he is completely bald.

If he is not adventuring in his new platemail, he dresses down to simple leather breeches and brown vest. Heavy boots reinforced with steel are his usual boots due to his usual work with metal, either repairing or crafting. He now wears a dark leather belt with a heavy metal buckle. He also wears a pair of dragonscale bracers he recently acquired.

In a normal situation, he is timid and unsure of most social protocols. He is constantly shifting weight on his feet or standing, then sitting. Attempting to change the situation, he tries to redirect questions to his friend, Anea. Recently, however, she has forced him more and more into the “uncomfortable” situations.


His name is actually dwarven, given to him by his adopted father.


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