An aged lumberjack with a few good contacts.


Even with his age, Jonn stands proudly at 5’9". Few liver spots cover his tanned skin. Quite a number of laugh lines are apparent on his face. His sandy brown hair is kept short. His beard, on the other hand, is thin and greying. Wizened, green eyes look back. He has no real distinctive marks, other than a crooked nose from a broken nose in his youth. He appears younger, even in his movements, when he is designing or thinking of building.

He is normally wearing a brown, padded shirt. Dark pants made of canvas protect him from any falling wood. Thick, steel-tipped boots cover his feet. He normally carries a small hatchet with him wherever he goes.


A slightly older man who lives in Skyrim. He and his son work as lumberjacks. When business calls, which recently it hasn’t, they are also carpenters.

Wood crafting runs in his family. His wife, and the family’s newest member – a daughter-in-law, work with furniture. Between them and the men Jonn hires for large projects, they can build and furnish an average home within a week.


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