A smooth talking and efficient halfling realtor.


A very tall halfling who stands at 4’1". Light brown hair is styled on his otherwise bare head. Piercing, intelligent blue eyes look back at you, when he’s not distracted by maps and paperwork. His dark skin emphasizes his bright smile.

Whenever he is seen out of Lord Den’yre’s manor, he is carrying at least two satchels. One is crammed full of maps and drawings of both Skyrim’s layout and a rough maps of Breland. His second satchel has multiple journals where he takes notes, reviews options & prices. Unlike his colleague, Palnor, Finnan dresses as he behaves. A light green doublet with buttons that look like quills cover a tan shirt. His pants are a dark brown, with red thread for stitching. Black boots cover his feet, though the soles are a dark green.


A man who does not take himself seriously, even when explaining the rites and legals of land ownership. It is apparent he enjoys his job by how enthusiastically he works. He is thorough in his questions to make sure that the new owners do not lose whatever they built on the lands from some legal issue; like taxes or incorrect zoning.


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