A twisted Necromancer in Wroat.


A man of ill repute, mainly for his “curiosity” of the undead. He stands at 5"6, although athletically built. While clean shaven, his obsidian black hair is tied into a short tail. Side burns accent his hazel eyes, normally in the darker hues. He has dark skin, marred by a large symbol on his face.

He dresses nicely, with clean and slightly expensive robes. A large, embroided belt wraps around him. And his shoes, although worn, show no evidence of their extended use.


He is OBSESSED with Laurelyn, an elven woman from the Star Adepts guild. Febrind tried all he could to woo her, although she was unaware of his advances. When her engagement was announced, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Since he couldn’t have her alive, he could after death.

In his many experiments to unlock the secret to her undeath, he discovered the way to create a living construct. His first, and only known success, was Eckart. After a few more “attempts” on Eckart, he disposed of Eckart in pursuit of his goal, Laurelyn.

He attempted to kill all of her attachments to the living world by alchemy firebombing the Star Adept’s guildhouse. Unbeknownst to him, this started a hunt by The White Dragons to find their killer.


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