A slightly bipolar elf butcher who moonlights as a taxidermist.


Erdan is a wiry elf, standing at 5’2". His orange hair is wild, even if it’s tied back. Light brown skin helps conceal his freckles. Judgmental violet eyes peer back to his customers that only soften when he is discussing taxidermy options and styling.

He wears a simple red tunic beneath a blood-soaked apron. Dark leather pants and hardened boots can be seen underneath his apron. In a pocket of his apron are a pair of magnifying spectacles; something he uses on his taxidermy work. He always has some dried jerky in his pockets, either for snacking or advertising.


He is an elf who has an extreme range of emotions. When he’s working as a butcher, his actual profession, he is tolerant but judgmental. This is very apparent when deal with “the uneducated idiocy that visits his shop.”

He is highly opinionated when it comes to discussion taxidermy, since it is considered a taboo conversation in Skyrim. He enjoys using innuendo when at the front of his store. Once he has confirmed what your “order” is, he takes you to the back end of his shop where he has large ice boxes.

In a small room he has all of the materials of his taxidermy trade. Although it is unaccepted in Skyrim, many people come to him to get heads mounted. He becomes elated when offering options and ideas on the project. However, when he leaves the small room, any elation is replaced by his slim grasp of tolerance.


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