Eldritch Storm

An intense tiefling out to prove she is the BEST personal guard there is.


She is a tall, thin tiefling. She stands at 6’0", then you can add her horns, which spiral around the top of her head like a crown, before peaking up at the back. The horn on the right is cracked after the tortures she endured in the Shadowfell. Her skin tone is that of sickly copper, giving it an eerie hue. Her eyes look like liquid mercury, although when her aegis of shielding is active there is a tint of white.

Her hair is kept short and is always tucked back, beneath her horns. With no visible volume, the only distinguishing mark between her horns and hair is the color. Her hair is dark blue with a few purple highlights. Her horns, on the other hand, are a spiral of rustic red and copper.

She is never caught without wearing her half-mask with a faint fire motif. A loose fitted red leather tunic covers a few of her curves. A simple pair of leather breeches go down to her dark, tanned animal skin boots. A signet ring could be found on a chain hidden beneath her tunic. At any given time, at least 1 mirror is near her, if not on her person. The only other constant is her weapon; her khopesh is never more than a room away from her.


Eldritch Storm

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