Elaina ir'Wynarn

A spoiled young lady who is trying to prove herself capable inside the monarchy.


She stands almost 5’7" tall, although it is unclear whether that is from her heeled boots or not. She does not appear to have any permanent scars from the interrogations the Shadar-Kai used during her time within the Shadowfell. Her eyes are a light green, with a few flecks of gold. As a sign of her heritage and upbringing, her skin has very little color.

Her hair is extremely long; almost 4 ft of wavy ebony cascade down her back. On a normal day, her hair is pinned up into a partial bun, where only a foot or so lays to rest. A circlet helps keep the bun up, and places an expensive diamond in the form of the Brelish Coat of Arms.

Her everyday wear includes a pale green or blue, highly decorated dress (with bustle) with matching heels. It is not uncommon to see her wearing at least 2 pieces of jewelry with her circlet, each meant to accent some attribute of the gown or her eyes. Even while traveling on the road, she is found in a dress, without the bustle. She wears heeled leather boots, although these have seen little use since she travels in a carriage.


She is the second niece to Borenal ir’Wynarn, King of Breland.

Was assigned Eldritch Storm as a personal guard a few weeks before she was found in a prison within the Shadowfell.

Elaina ir'Wynarn

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