A patchworked necromancer, created by Febrind's hands.


Eckart – “This hand knows how to use a dagger.”
Ni’Tarra – “What’s the other one know?”
Eckart – “How to use the same magic as my creator.”

Eckart stands regularly at 7’3" although he loses an inch when he walks on his left leg. His hair is primarily brown, although large strands are of various colors. Unkept due to his time on the streets, it is a matted mess on his scalp. Various sutures and stitches cross his face, none of which have a “surgical” reason for their placement. Tiger eyes; a violet orb for his left eye and his right eye is hazel, look in constant pain. His skin varies, although his head and left hand are extremely pale ( human). His right hand is elegant and tanned ( elven), and his toros is a silvered-grey with dark designs and patterns through it ( deva). His teeth, both top and bottom, share the canines of the longtooth shifters.

His current garb is that of a beggar. A heavy hooded cloak covers him. Tattered shirt and pants cover his body. No shoes protect his feet, although it does not seem to bother.


He is the successful experiment of Febrind, completed just over a year ago. It is unclear what occured, but shortly after his creation, Febrind disposed of Eckart. Since then, Eckart has been living in the alleys far away from the traveled areas of Wroat after quite a few screams, ugly names, and the ocassional attempt on his life.

Summon Homunculi Create Holy Water


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