Dara (and Chilla)

A reserved elf who works in the Twilight Market to raise Chilla, a very energetic halfling child.



A petite, female elf who stands at 5’6". A few freckles touch her cheekbones, punctuating her light brown skin. Deep gold hair runs amok atop her head, reflecting a previously wild life. Her hair is short, but unkept. Redwood eyes peer back, always softening when Chilla is anywhere within view.

Her garb is modest, considering the money that moves over her shop in the Twilight Market. She wears a thin grey, ankle-length dress that cover her soft boots. A small bulge in her skirt indicates a pocket where her jeweler’s kit is found. For free advertisement, or her own fashion, she wears multiple earrings in each ear; an ear cuff on her left one. When on business, she carries a small rucksack with additional gems and metals to craft with, including additional funds for supplies.


A halfling child with an abundance of energy. Standing almost 3 feet tall, she is either moving or pitching sales. With long, dark red ringlets moving with her, it is normally braided in a thranish braid (french braid). Bright chestnut eyes excitedly take in each room she enters. Her tanned skin is obvious when she starts to run, and inevitably trips.

She wears a simple green dress with an oversized tanned belt. Underneath she wears a pair of white breeches, covered in ducks or swans. Even with the extra energy, she is the perfect sales person. Whenever someone passes their blanket shop, she settles down and enunciates her speech with a large vocabulary in an attempt to sell her music boxes.


The pair is found at the Twilight Market after the sun sets. While Dara is known throughout most of Breland for her jewelry craft & gem setting, Chilla makes and sells her music boxes.

Dara has been recently hired by The White Dragons to craft chokers and necklaces to identify its members. She has shown exceptional skill in both speed and craft when she made the recent pieces, using scales from the white dragon the members had recently killed.

Dara (and Chilla)

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