Captain Redror


Captain Maxwell Redror stands at 5’8". Dark brown hair, cut short except for flyaway wisp for bangs, are usually kept under a helmet. Redrod is on the broad side, his chest and arms specifically showing his ongoing training. His blue eyes are commanding, viewing the world with trained eyes. Even with daily attempts, he has a constant 5 o’clock shadow.

Even in his early 40s, his step has not slowed down. He stands perfectly straight while on patrol, showing no signs of his age. He is always found (except once when someone saw him actually asleep) in his scalemail. A mantle with the Breland heralrdy marks his position as part of the City Watch. An heirloom longsword, inscribed with two runes along the blade, is at his side.

Many consider him a serious man who drills those under his watch constantly. However, due to his vigilance, his zone of Wroat has the fewest deaths, soldier & citizen alike, than any other section.


Captain Redror

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