Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Poisoned Dagger

Cheating bandits!

998 YK Zor, 15th of Therendor (Thursday, March 15)

It had been one chaotic night. We had all laid to rest, taking shifts as the rest recovered from the almost 14 hours of walking to Wroat. And we couldn’t even find peace in our sleep. The cowards! No job, even kidnapping, is worth such a despicable act as attacking when not everyone is armed. or armored!

Rife was on watch, the rest of us having just settled in. Ni’tarra was the first to awaken, the assassins just having snuck up to Rife’s back. As Ni’Tarra grabbed her “friend” and charged at the assassin sneaking up on Rife, another one moved to Thorvin’s bedroll. And unfortunately, the assassin on Rife swings with both his longsword and shortsword; the shortsword connecting into his side. Thorvin awoke in time, attempted to use thunder off Rife’s armor even in his sleepy haze. It didn’t work, but he had a fire in his gaze the moment his sleep was disturbed.

Ni’Tarra started to scream for the rest of us to awaken for the battle, though I was the only one who stirred. Just as I got to my feet and soaked in the current combat, another 2 assassins using bows attempted to get easy shots at Ni’Tarra and thankfully missed. When Thorvin turned to make his next move, the one near him charged, sinking his shortsword deep into Thorvin. I quickly weaved magic against one of the archers to distract him, giving Ni’Tarra enough time to strike one of the assassins.

I didn’t know at the time, but the reason Rife had stopped moving was due to these bastards assassins using their weapons to deliver poison. At the same time, Thorvin was slowing down until he no longer moved, leaving just Ni’Tarra and myself still standing. In her rage, Ni’Tarra started screaming at the others to awaken for battle, this time waking Drakar. He immediately got to his feet and summoned forth a winged skeleton from the embers of our campfire. The skeleton immediately swings a massive flaming fist at one of the assassins and connecting and then it backswings into the assassin again!

Ni’Tarra took a vicious hit from the other assassin, blood seeping through her night clothes as she swung her greataxe, a battle roar piercing the night. The first swing from her axe hit with such force it knocked him out of the fight, as well as on his ass. The archers continued firing from the shadows, connecting with both Ni’Tarra and myself.

Running to Ni’Tarra, I was able to remove the arrow and seal the wound before distracting the archer once again. Just as we thought we could press the advantage against the assailants, Rife fell forward and barely missed falling into the fire. Drakar used that moment to send his flaming warrior to one of the archers, it hoving mere inches above the bushes as it smacked the archer.

In a battle rage, Ni’Tarra leaped over the high bushes and connects with a wet thud into one of the archers. The elven assailants knew what they were doing, however, taking a quick step back and firing two arrows into Ni’Tarra and the other finding purchase in my side.

One of the archers attempted to pierce the flaming skeleton Drakar had summoned, completely bypassing any vital being a skeleton and all and the arrow just fly through it. Kildrak, awoke from all of the noise, swiped up maul his as he started to charge towards Ni’Tarra and the flame-wreathed skeleton. Ni’Tarra growled at him, barely understandable through her rage, “This one’s mine.”

I ran up behind Kildrak and together we swung at the archer not claimed by Ni’Tarra, finding purchase and dropping him. Thorvin was still pale and unmoving when Drakar summoned an etheral wasp the size of a normal man to Ni’Tarra’s assassin. Thankfully, for Drakar’s life, the wasp missed. Ni’Tarra, channeling her rage at Drakar and the assailant, raised her axe high above her head. When the axe was dropped, the man was cleaved, each half on either side of the greataxe.

I was able to find an antivenom for Thorvin’s poison as the others searched the would-be assassins. Ni’Tarra located some vials on the archers and between her and Drakar identify them as a sleeping agent.

Thankfully, I was able to identify the poison used on Rife, Coma’s Drip. It can be a lethal poison, because after three days the coma it induces becomes permanent. And of course, the main ingredient to the cure is only found in the Shadowfell. Ni’Tarra also found another note on the man who poisoned Rife, with the same message to capture Thorvin.

We knew we could still be danger, and Rife unconscious, we decided to keep on the move. Between Drakar and myself we were able to make a travel gurney to lay Rife in. Ni’Tarra and Kildrak carried an end so we could keep moving. They told me to catch some sleep in the gurney, letting me rest up some of my magic mostly of the healing variety if needed and give us a chance to use my chant again. This hopefully will give us more distance between the assassins. Now, if only we can find moss grown in the Shadowfell to cure Rife, we’d be fine.

998 YK Far, 16th of Therendor (Friday, March 16)


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