Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Hunting Down the Killer Part 2

The fall of Febrind

rife volunteers to guard the door if he tries to escape & inform the guards what’s going on

sparring furnishings in kitchen/foyer & bedroom. ni’tarra falls through after getting help kicking in the cellar door.

pseudodragon hisses, then turns invisible on the lecturn, undead cobra comes around the corner & strikes kildrak (poisoned), drakar summons a flame warrior behind the cobra and attacks (misses) – backswings & connects, ni’tarra leaps over the snake – bitten w/ poison-activates armor to shrug off and use poison to heal – charges febrind w/ the frost & hits hard, febrind moves back – slashes his arm & throws thunder down the hall – strikes all but kildrak and are stunned (scarred drakar, anea & eckart), eckart banshee wails & glares at anea before staring down the snake, anea heals herself & stops the poison in kildrak’s system, kildrak crashes his maaul down onto the snake (bloodied), drake becomes visible as it tries to sting him – misses, snake turns and bites the flame warrior, flame warrior strikes the snake back, ni’tarra moves back and attempts to ram Febrind – misses, febrind uses the dagger and strikes ni’tarra, eckart stares the snake down into submission, anea attempts to give kildrak a pot shot but it dies before he has a chance – advises group that Eckart is lost in a rage, kildrak rushes to Eckart and smacks him into unconsciousness, pseudodragon attempts to fly by the warrior and bite – misses – anea swings as it flies by her and hits, fire warrior charges the drake but misses, ni’tarra swings & hits febrind, febrind gives up.

captain redror meet at the door, gets the drake & febrind. asks group to “search the place for evidence” and then meet at the bunkhouse when done. “loot” the place, including a harp.

recruit both mironn and eckart for guild, are paid 2250 for the ritual book (when copied over) for evidence, and paid 100 gp each for the speed & efficiency. bring eckart to tailor for real clothes and dyes.


HopeHarte HopeHarte

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