Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Hunting Down the Killer

Thorvin – history on guild wars or rivals (suitors, ebony griffin bar fights)
Drakar – history of casters who could pull explosion off (none in last century, mongrave university)
Ni’Tarra ( + ) Kildrak (-), Rife ( + ), Anea (success) – memory reression of the night
Thorvin- smashes vials/beakers until identifies clay flask & the type of alchemy that prefer clay
Ni’Tarra – failed to find flask or traces in the house remains
Drakar – discovered fake guards & initiated combat (2 elven buddies & half-elf leader)

leader strikes & connects hard w/ drakar – drags one of his buddies who misses his swing, rife punches the dragged friend in the gut & then grapples, anea mocks the lead, ni’tarra charges & strikes the leader (bloodied), mirror throws the dagger into rife’s grappled (bloodied), kildrak pulls drakar behind him & connects w/ rife’s, the elf on the left flanks & pierces ni’tarra with both swords (bloodied), rife’s hits him once w/ the longsword, drakar drops an astral wasp on the one on the left w/ his tome, leader hits ni’tarra & shifts up & hits rife, rife withdraws his blade – misses a grapple & with a backswing puts him into a headlock after striking him with his sword, anea magically heals ni’tarra but misses with a mockery to the buddy by himself, ni’tarra goes into longtooth shift – attempts to swing the flat portion of her axe – backswings a strike against the leader but misses, mironn kills rife’s first grappler, kildrak uses the butt of his maul & successfully subdues the leader in Rife’s arm, the remaining elf gives up

explains they were doing a protection extort, walks him to a guard & drop them off at the jailhouse – 80 gp reward

rife – assists in the big picture (insight), anea works w/ rife on connecting the dots: local, planned due to alchemy creation or purchase, against 1 person within the guild
thorvin – perception (tracks down alchemy puddle – alchemist’s fire – easily sold, slightly expensive)
ni’tarra, rife & anea – locating a witness (eckart)
kildrak & drakar – diplomacy to locate witnesses (cannot locate witnesses or gain additional info)

interview eckart – shifter fangs, deva body, elven right hand, human head & left hand
SNARLS about “friend” febrind, offer to be guide, asks their feelings on undead, drakar sounds excited about undead, explains he was created by febrind.
group sends thorvin to walk mironn to care for pup & upgrade guards

when they discover the house, call out “city watch” and kick in the door. zombies flank the doorway, imp on a counter at the far end of the room & skeletons flank the room & stairwell.

drakar misses the imp w/ the astral wasp, rife charges but misses a skeleton, ni’arra charges the other skeleton but misses, anea identifies the imp, kildrak blocks door & identifies the zombies flanked around the door, eckart dominates skeleton on the left, drakar illusions the imp, rife grapples the skeleton on the right, ni’tarra charges & connects w/ the imp – backswings & misses, anea pulls out her blade & mocks the imp (bloodied), kildrak shifts into position & smacks the zombie, eckart orders the skeleton to strike the imp & destroys it (ni’tarra complains that she was going to bounce off the imp to strike at the skeleton), imp attempts to sting ni’tarra with its tail but misses, skeleton misses rife, zombie moves towards rife & misses the body slam, the zombie on kildrak also misses, drakar illusions rife’s skeleton & hits, rife reestablishes grapple (bloodied), ni’tarra strikes at the imp but misses – ni’tarra cries out “motherfucker” when she misses, imp states “no, haven’t met your mother”, anea moves up to kildrak’s side & guides his strike (bloodied), kildrak follows the strike & kills the zombie, eckart directs the skeleton to attack rife’s zombie, imp turns invisible (flies against the wall) & ni’tarra swings wildly – imp smashes into the roof as the axe connects & lands wet on the floor, skeleton attempts to escape & then swings its longsword when it fails – drakar’s illusion saves him, eckart loses control of his skeleton, rife’s zombie attempts to slam him but fails again, drakar hits the newly released skeleton w/ an illusion, rife continues the headlock but loses his grip, ni’tarra swings at the dominated one but misses, anea moves behind the remaining zombie & flanks it w/ rife (hits), kildrak strikes the dominated skeleton, echart stares down his previously dominated skeleton (bloodied) – stunned, the grappled skeleton smacks rife back, the zombie swings back & connects w/ anea, drakar attempts to illusion the grappler but misses, rife attempts to regrapple his skeleton & succeeds, ni’tarra shifts up to rife & sweeps/destroys both skeletons, ni’tarra charges passed the zombie – receives a good strike as she misses, anea comments that ni’tarra shouldn’t interrupt fights like rife’s “rife didn’t call it”, anea guide’s kildrak’s strike (bloodied), kildrak steps up and kills the last zombie


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