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Gregor's "Wolves"

Our First Quest!!

998 YK Zol, 13th of Therendor (Tuesday, March 13)

HA! I told Kildrak that the flier would bring people in. I knew he was a bit nervous since I wouldn’t write it for him, but it doesn’t matter because it actually worked!

Thankfully Ben, the keeper, didn’t mind us just waiting around while him and his sons continued their construction. The Drunk Phoenix is really starting to look good. Course, I hope they keep their prices the same so I can still afford it. We sat in the tavern all morning. Kildrak had to wait patiently at one of the tables when they FINALLY started to walk in.

I’ll admit, the people who came to apply were..interesting to say the least. I mean, I know people normally say that so their friends can seem more badass or sophisticated, or some such nonsense. But, these people were downright strange! And I can’t wait to get to know them.

The small shifter named Ni’Tarra introduced herself first. Then she introduced us to her “best friend”, her Great Axe. Can you believe someone could be so dedicated to combat they befriend their instrument of death or defense? She automatically qualified with that introduction. :)

Oh, then there was this kinda scary looking guy in the corner. He was..intense. I’ve never seen a Deva before, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he is. Can you imagine the history they can remember? Sorry, that sounds bad, doesn’t it? He eventually spoke and said his name was Orsus. He’s that kind of guy who is quiet, but direct if and when he speaks. If it weren’t for the fact that he also had a greataxe, I would have thought he was someone who was waiting to rob us. Actually, that should have made me think it more! But, he seemed more sad than murderous, so maybe that’s why I didn’t run behind Kildrak…not that I would have just because of a little confrontation, mind you. It just would have helped defuse the situation is all. Anyway, when I asked him what he did, he simply said his greataxe was not his friend, but an implement of his divine nature. Cryptic, right?

Anyway, the last person to show up was a wizard. You knew instantly because he had that high collared robe going on, the small bag of supplies..and the staff. You can’ wear a high collar AND carry a staff without making people think that. When asked, he told us his name was Drakar. He’s..an odd one too. I mean, Ni’Tarra was a bit barbaric in her manners, but she had them. Orsus was..well, like I said, kinda intense. But Drakar topped them both. He kept mumbling arcane things to himself. Now, if there was any meaning I’d be able to tell you what he was saying, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. To make it even worse, his stomach would respond back! What the hell did he eat?

Well, anyway, after making sure everyone was fed properly, since that’s just polite since they came here to apply, we told them our first job was for Mr. Gregor. He was having problems with wolves eating his livestock and he couldn’t lose anymore without his business suffering. So, we took the hour trip to his farm. You’d think that would be boring, except for the fact that Drakar was now listening to his stomach. I had kinda hoped feeding him would help, but I guess it had something important to say..for the whole hour.

When we did arrive we found Mr. Gregor in his fields. After shaking everyone’s hands and thanking us, he finally took the time to tell us what he was he was thanking us for. Apparently, every 2-3 nights for the last 2 weeks one of his livestocks would disappear. From the remains we could see in the range, the wolves were eating on the move.

He said he’d give us 5 silver for each wolf pelt we brought back to him. Orsus asked why he wasn’t using the barn to keep his animals safe, which is a good question I wish I had thought of. Mr. Gregor explained that, even with the barn being in good condition, his stock was still disappearing. He mentioned there was probably a hole behind one of the hay barrels he hadn’t found and that’s how the wolves were getting out.

Well, Orsus came up with a great idea so we could find the wolves doing this. He suggested Mr. Gregor put the sheep and cows in the barn for the night, and we’d stake it out until the wolves showed. He agreed and we all started looking around the range and barn. Ni’Tarra commented that the fence was too small for a grown wolf to sneak in and pups were unlikely to get this close to people.

Orsus showed us some really good hiding places to use when it got dark. We waited a few more hours until Orsus told us, “Showtime”, and then we all got into position. I had no idea that meant we’d be staying like that until 1 in the morning! But, his plan worked. In comes the heads of 5 Kobolds! Orsus signaled Ni’Tarra, who was clinging to the pitch of the roof, and they waited until the Kobolds piled in.

The last one kept watch as the other 4 went straight for the pregnant cow. Just before they grabbed her, Orsus jumped from the rafters and ran straight for the guard! And in that instant, I saw what he meant by his power being divine. He swung his Great Axe, and I could still see a silver afterimage of the weapon still lingering infront of him. Who knew that kind of power could come from the silent Gods?

Anyway, before they could even respond to his assault, Ni’Tarra fell from the roof and used it to power her “friend” and almost cleaved the lead Kobold in two pieces! I took a few pot shots of arcanic words to one of the Kobolds in the middle who fell from the sheer force. Then Drakar mumbled some arcane words I COULD understand, and a wasp the size of an actual wolf and almost as clear as glass assaulted the guard with Orsus.

When the guard tried to attack Orsus, it fell over as if the image of his weapon was as sharp as his real one. Nice, right? Both the guard and the lead ended up getting a small piece of Ni’Tarra and Orsus, but nothing I couldn’t fix when we were done. And then poor Kildrak. He stretches, knocking the carriage wheel he was behind over, and swung right for a normal man’s head. If they were regular sized and not small Kobolds, he would have knocked his head right off! As it was, he got a little too close to Ni’Tarra’s and she noticed. In quick work, Ni’Tarra got the lead back for his strike at her and Orsus and I finished off the two in the middle.

Kildrak and Ni’Tarra dragged the Kobolds behind us as we went back to Mr. Gregor’s house. Poor guy, he looked so tired when he opened the door to us and the remains of his “wolves”. He made us some coffee as we explained what happened. When he was more awake, Drakar tried to negotiate for a better pay since these were obvious not wolves. He said he could keep with the original 5 silver per head, including wherever they were taking his livestock, or just give us a flat fee.

Kildrak, the brilliantly tall man that he is, called our first group meeting to remind us that if it was just a scout party, that meant there was at least another dozen Kobolds. We’d make out better if we kept our original deal. Plus it doesn’t hurt our reputation when Mr. Gregor tells his neighbors how great we were and how easy to work with. So Ni’Tarra, in her best impression of Kildrak yet, told him we would of course honor our current deal. However, because of the hours we were doing this in to make sure no more livestock was lost, he would also have to provide us breakfast.

It is an acquired taste, but I think meals with your clients taste better than the same meal any other time. Maybe that’s just me, but those eggs and jerky were damn good to me. Unfortunately, after we ate Orsus told us he had to go. This mission, even though helpful, was not one his lady wanted him on. Then, as he turned to leave and we told him he could find us in the inn, he said, “I hope the lady does not seek you tonight.” I asked him what that meant, since it sounded like a prayer. That is when he explained that his lady, the Raven Queen, represents death. Like I mentioned, an intense, scary old, young-looking guy.


The last handler ran away and Ni’Tarra was thrown again. This time, it was from Kildrak’s prompting.

Gregor's "Wolves"
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