Wanted: Treasure and Fame

Hunting Down the Killer Part 2
The fall of Febrind

rife volunteers to guard the door if he tries to escape & inform the guards what’s going on

sparring furnishings in kitchen/foyer & bedroom. ni’tarra falls through after getting help kicking in the cellar door.

pseudodragon hisses, then turns invisible on the lecturn, undead cobra comes around the corner & strikes kildrak (poisoned), drakar summons a flame warrior behind the cobra and attacks (misses) – backswings & connects, ni’tarra leaps over the snake – bitten w/ poison-activates armor to shrug off and use poison to heal – charges febrind w/ the frost & hits hard, febrind moves back – slashes his arm & throws thunder down the hall – strikes all but kildrak and are stunned (scarred drakar, anea & eckart), eckart banshee wails & glares at anea before staring down the snake, anea heals herself & stops the poison in kildrak’s system, kildrak crashes his maaul down onto the snake (bloodied), drake becomes visible as it tries to sting him – misses, snake turns and bites the flame warrior, flame warrior strikes the snake back, ni’tarra moves back and attempts to ram Febrind – misses, febrind uses the dagger and strikes ni’tarra, eckart stares the snake down into submission, anea attempts to give kildrak a pot shot but it dies before he has a chance – advises group that Eckart is lost in a rage, kildrak rushes to Eckart and smacks him into unconsciousness, pseudodragon attempts to fly by the warrior and bite – misses – anea swings as it flies by her and hits, fire warrior charges the drake but misses, ni’tarra swings & hits febrind, febrind gives up.

captain redror meet at the door, gets the drake & febrind. asks group to “search the place for evidence” and then meet at the bunkhouse when done. “loot” the place, including a harp.

recruit both mironn and eckart for guild, are paid 2250 for the ritual book (when copied over) for evidence, and paid 100 gp each for the speed & efficiency. bring eckart to tailor for real clothes and dyes.

Hunting Down the Killer

Thorvin – history on guild wars or rivals (suitors, ebony griffin bar fights)
Drakar – history of casters who could pull explosion off (none in last century, mongrave university)
Ni’Tarra ( + ) Kildrak (-), Rife ( + ), Anea (success) – memory reression of the night
Thorvin- smashes vials/beakers until identifies clay flask & the type of alchemy that prefer clay
Ni’Tarra – failed to find flask or traces in the house remains
Drakar – discovered fake guards & initiated combat (2 elven buddies & half-elf leader)

leader strikes & connects hard w/ drakar – drags one of his buddies who misses his swing, rife punches the dragged friend in the gut & then grapples, anea mocks the lead, ni’tarra charges & strikes the leader (bloodied), mirror throws the dagger into rife’s grappled (bloodied), kildrak pulls drakar behind him & connects w/ rife’s, the elf on the left flanks & pierces ni’tarra with both swords (bloodied), rife’s hits him once w/ the longsword, drakar drops an astral wasp on the one on the left w/ his tome, leader hits ni’tarra & shifts up & hits rife, rife withdraws his blade – misses a grapple & with a backswing puts him into a headlock after striking him with his sword, anea magically heals ni’tarra but misses with a mockery to the buddy by himself, ni’tarra goes into longtooth shift – attempts to swing the flat portion of her axe – backswings a strike against the leader but misses, mironn kills rife’s first grappler, kildrak uses the butt of his maul & successfully subdues the leader in Rife’s arm, the remaining elf gives up

explains they were doing a protection extort, walks him to a guard & drop them off at the jailhouse – 80 gp reward

rife – assists in the big picture (insight), anea works w/ rife on connecting the dots: local, planned due to alchemy creation or purchase, against 1 person within the guild
thorvin – perception (tracks down alchemy puddle – alchemist’s fire – easily sold, slightly expensive)
ni’tarra, rife & anea – locating a witness (eckart)
kildrak & drakar – diplomacy to locate witnesses (cannot locate witnesses or gain additional info)

interview eckart – shifter fangs, deva body, elven right hand, human head & left hand
SNARLS about “friend” febrind, offer to be guide, asks their feelings on undead, drakar sounds excited about undead, explains he was created by febrind.
group sends thorvin to walk mironn to care for pup & upgrade guards

when they discover the house, call out “city watch” and kick in the door. zombies flank the doorway, imp on a counter at the far end of the room & skeletons flank the room & stairwell.

drakar misses the imp w/ the astral wasp, rife charges but misses a skeleton, ni’arra charges the other skeleton but misses, anea identifies the imp, kildrak blocks door & identifies the zombies flanked around the door, eckart dominates skeleton on the left, drakar illusions the imp, rife grapples the skeleton on the right, ni’tarra charges & connects w/ the imp – backswings & misses, anea pulls out her blade & mocks the imp (bloodied), kildrak shifts into position & smacks the zombie, eckart orders the skeleton to strike the imp & destroys it (ni’tarra complains that she was going to bounce off the imp to strike at the skeleton), imp attempts to sting ni’tarra with its tail but misses, skeleton misses rife, zombie moves towards rife & misses the body slam, the zombie on kildrak also misses, drakar illusions rife’s skeleton & hits, rife reestablishes grapple (bloodied), ni’tarra strikes at the imp but misses – ni’tarra cries out “motherfucker” when she misses, imp states “no, haven’t met your mother”, anea moves up to kildrak’s side & guides his strike (bloodied), kildrak follows the strike & kills the zombie, eckart directs the skeleton to attack rife’s zombie, imp turns invisible (flies against the wall) & ni’tarra swings wildly – imp smashes into the roof as the axe connects & lands wet on the floor, skeleton attempts to escape & then swings its longsword when it fails – drakar’s illusion saves him, eckart loses control of his skeleton, rife’s zombie attempts to slam him but fails again, drakar hits the newly released skeleton w/ an illusion, rife continues the headlock but loses his grip, ni’tarra swings at the dominated one but misses, anea moves behind the remaining zombie & flanks it w/ rife (hits), kildrak strikes the dominated skeleton, echart stares down his previously dominated skeleton (bloodied) – stunned, the grappled skeleton smacks rife back, the zombie swings back & connects w/ anea, drakar attempts to illusion the grappler but misses, rife attempts to regrapple his skeleton & succeeds, ni’tarra shifts up to rife & sweeps/destroys both skeletons, ni’tarra charges passed the zombie – receives a good strike as she misses, anea comments that ni’tarra shouldn’t interrupt fights like rife’s “rife didn’t call it”, anea guide’s kildrak’s strike (bloodied), kildrak steps up and kills the last zombie

Audience with the King

house kundrak service purchases

Star Agents – guild (8-10) 2 years
Ebony Griffins – guild (racists)

star agent house in ruins, 8 bodies, burned survivor (coldor – worrier) found in bathroom, 9 guards on scene, drakar identifies as an unnatural fire, cellar for dog training (back wall not as damage), introduces self as captain redror (human), door had a constellation design (changed each week), chest in storeroom had been arcane locked, offered to stay at barracks during investigation

captain wakes group at 4 am to let them know of audience w/ king, group goes shopping for appropriate clothes for meeting

morning have breakfast, rookie learns to cook & plays w/ pup, nitarra starts pup lessons w/ whistle, clothes shopping – tailor gropes rife, get’s quick etiquette lesson from guard, makes bet of whether kicked out

speak w/ king, reintroduced to elaina & eldritch, choose magic item to further assist guild & breland (ni’tarra-horned helm, drakar – frostwolf pelt, anea – harmonic songblade w/ siberys shard of the mage, kildrak – bracers of tactical blows, thorvin – eternal chalk {black red, and blue}, eldritch – boots of free movement, mirron – distant dagger)

Delivery of the Lady Prisoner and the Alchemist

distribute gear
teaching hound “gentle”, reconvene w/ injured & set out to rest OUTSIDE of cave, eat in dark creeper room then attempt to leave – stuck in Shadowfell

(drakar powered the portal’s gate to be two-sided, kildrak & eldritch assisted tarra on resisting the effects of the shadowfell to mentally escape, mironne failed to find an easy route from the shadows out of the Shadowfell, thorvin found similarities between a cave exit and the planar portal, anea found the signs on the entrance identifying the location & had a few markings to read, drakar could not see the words well to read their meaning, kildrak assisted thorvin on reading the words, mironn assisted anea on the comings/goings of the victims & the shadar-kai, eldritch was able to read the markings – and reads the magic on the walls that open the gate)

exits to the pre-dusk rain – create a cave-in

group sits to eat (fat porker) and good stew – bones for pup, on watch & sleep

enter the city walls – drop elaina & el at the manor. sell stuff collected & shopping

Poisoned Dagger
Cheating bandits!

998 YK Zor, 15th of Therendor (Thursday, March 15)

It had been one chaotic night. We had all laid to rest, taking shifts as the rest recovered from the almost 14 hours of walking to Wroat. And we couldn’t even find peace in our sleep. The cowards! No job, even kidnapping, is worth such a despicable act as attacking when not everyone is armed. or armored!

Rife was on watch, the rest of us having just settled in. Ni’tarra was the first to awaken, the assassins just having snuck up to Rife’s back. As Ni’Tarra grabbed her “friend” and charged at the assassin sneaking up on Rife, another one moved to Thorvin’s bedroll. And unfortunately, the assassin on Rife swings with both his longsword and shortsword; the shortsword connecting into his side. Thorvin awoke in time, attempted to use thunder off Rife’s armor even in his sleepy haze. It didn’t work, but he had a fire in his gaze the moment his sleep was disturbed.

Ni’Tarra started to scream for the rest of us to awaken for the battle, though I was the only one who stirred. Just as I got to my feet and soaked in the current combat, another 2 assassins using bows attempted to get easy shots at Ni’Tarra and thankfully missed. When Thorvin turned to make his next move, the one near him charged, sinking his shortsword deep into Thorvin. I quickly weaved magic against one of the archers to distract him, giving Ni’Tarra enough time to strike one of the assassins.

I didn’t know at the time, but the reason Rife had stopped moving was due to these bastards assassins using their weapons to deliver poison. At the same time, Thorvin was slowing down until he no longer moved, leaving just Ni’Tarra and myself still standing. In her rage, Ni’Tarra started screaming at the others to awaken for battle, this time waking Drakar. He immediately got to his feet and summoned forth a winged skeleton from the embers of our campfire. The skeleton immediately swings a massive flaming fist at one of the assassins and connecting and then it backswings into the assassin again!

Ni’Tarra took a vicious hit from the other assassin, blood seeping through her night clothes as she swung her greataxe, a battle roar piercing the night. The first swing from her axe hit with such force it knocked him out of the fight, as well as on his ass. The archers continued firing from the shadows, connecting with both Ni’Tarra and myself.

Running to Ni’Tarra, I was able to remove the arrow and seal the wound before distracting the archer once again. Just as we thought we could press the advantage against the assailants, Rife fell forward and barely missed falling into the fire. Drakar used that moment to send his flaming warrior to one of the archers, it hoving mere inches above the bushes as it smacked the archer.

In a battle rage, Ni’Tarra leaped over the high bushes and connects with a wet thud into one of the archers. The elven assailants knew what they were doing, however, taking a quick step back and firing two arrows into Ni’Tarra and the other finding purchase in my side.

One of the archers attempted to pierce the flaming skeleton Drakar had summoned, completely bypassing any vital being a skeleton and all and the arrow just fly through it. Kildrak, awoke from all of the noise, swiped up maul his as he started to charge towards Ni’Tarra and the flame-wreathed skeleton. Ni’Tarra growled at him, barely understandable through her rage, “This one’s mine.”

I ran up behind Kildrak and together we swung at the archer not claimed by Ni’Tarra, finding purchase and dropping him. Thorvin was still pale and unmoving when Drakar summoned an etheral wasp the size of a normal man to Ni’Tarra’s assassin. Thankfully, for Drakar’s life, the wasp missed. Ni’Tarra, channeling her rage at Drakar and the assailant, raised her axe high above her head. When the axe was dropped, the man was cleaved, each half on either side of the greataxe.

I was able to find an antivenom for Thorvin’s poison as the others searched the would-be assassins. Ni’Tarra located some vials on the archers and between her and Drakar identify them as a sleeping agent.

Thankfully, I was able to identify the poison used on Rife, Coma’s Drip. It can be a lethal poison, because after three days the coma it induces becomes permanent. And of course, the main ingredient to the cure is only found in the Shadowfell. Ni’Tarra also found another note on the man who poisoned Rife, with the same message to capture Thorvin.

We knew we could still be danger, and Rife unconscious, we decided to keep on the move. Between Drakar and myself we were able to make a travel gurney to lay Rife in. Ni’Tarra and Kildrak carried an end so we could keep moving. They told me to catch some sleep in the gurney, letting me rest up some of my magic mostly of the healing variety if needed and give us a chance to use my chant again. This hopefully will give us more distance between the assassins. Now, if only we can find moss grown in the Shadowfell to cure Rife, we’d be fine.

998 YK Far, 16th of Therendor (Friday, March 16)

The Founding of The White Dragons
Return Home

998 YK Wir, 14th of Therendor (Wednesday, March 14)

The return back to Skyrim was uneventful. Considering what happened earlier that day, technically earlier that day, anyways uneventful was a nice change, even for us. We returned to Mr. Gregor’s farm early that evening. He was able to quickly see, based on the evidence we brought back, just how much of a “wolf problem” he really had. He eagerly paid us the agreed price for theKobolds and was in aw at the other prize we had brought back; the head of that white dragon. He was fearful and overwhelmed at the sheer size of the head, even after the rest of him had been destroyed. He thanked us, once he had his voice, for the opportunity to see such a wonderment.

In honor of our first success, and just the child-like amazement on his face, we offered him a chance to stroke the fearsome creature’s nose. In trepidation, he gingerly felt the power of the dragon’s scales. He told us, “My friends won’t believe this. Geez, I can’t even believe I’m seeing a dragon at all. And this close?” He thanked us for something so rare that he can always remember, even if no one else would know. With some quick thinking, we immediately offered him one of the many scales of the dragon’s. He held it cautiously between his fingers, small enough to hide between them. He thanked us with a smile only a child could truly muster. We then took our leave to the Drunken Phoenix, at the suggestion of Mr. Gregor to let the Lord of the town know what has become of his mine.

The town was quiet as we entered. As we neared town square, we could already hear the news from the Lord being relayed by his scribe; a man who looked like he had been eating ink, with a feather in his cap and colorful shirt. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was there because he was in trouble from his noble father. What I could gather as we entered the bustling and overflowing center was that the wall had been completed, however taxes would have to increase again to train the new city watch. People immediately started to grumble at the increase, no longer paying real mind to the scribe as he went down the long scroll. Drakar and I took the time to explain to Ni’Tarra what taxes were, and what they were for. The moment she came to understand its concept, she enthusiastically raised her hand as the scribe continued.

Moments went by as Ni’Tarra tried to get his attention. When the scribe had finished the list of reasons he had been provided for the increase, a small attempt to persuade the townspeople that it was “money well spent”, he looked up. In his confusion, he asked Ni’Tarra what she would like to ask. Her speech was beautiful and precise, explaining to the good townspeople that, while paying extra coins for training the city watch was undesirable, it was necessary. The Slayers of White Dragons, as she called us, had just taken down a white dragon not more than a few hours away from their homes. If they were to be be safe beyond the help of outsiders like us, they would need to make sure that their coin is spent on safety. If they needed our help, however, they could find us at the Drunken Phoenix. It was a speech that not only helped the scribe look good, but also put our names on everyone’s lips.

The crowd was still. A few children murmured in excitement, husbands stood before their wives as shields, mothers attempted to hide their children. Amongst them, they saw the head of the creature, a few feet off the ground. As Ni’Tarra pointed to the thing, there was no doubt left for them. The scribe attempted to gain control, clearing his throat a few times before heads could move again. The people were not sure what to do, and stood in quiet shock as the scribe continued to prattle on. Ni’Tarra grinned at herself as we discussed what to do next. The Lord’s scribe knew where to find us, so we did not need to hunt him down.

We decided to find a taxidermist to make that dragon’s head a more permanent fixture for us, if we were going to be the Slayers of White Dragons. Ni’Tarra, Kildrak and Drakar started the search up as Rife & I returned to the Drunken Phoenix. When they returned, we decided to eat and enjoy each other’s company as the sun set.

During dinner we started to discuss things about the guild. Simple things like where would we hang the dragon’s head, how do we decide jobs..where did we store all the loot? Ben was kind enough to pipe in that we couldn’t keep using his closet forever. It was decided then, at the counter of the Drunken Phoenix, that we would become our own guild. I offered up the suggestion that we not be named the Slayers of White Dragons, since our clientel may only request us to slay dragons, which is not necessarily in high demand, or safe! Although the idea of having different colored dragon heads lining an entrance hall would be extravagant, it also seemed a bit extreme. As our first guild decision, we came up with the name The White Dragons, since it honored our first truly heroic conflict, as well as the kind of strength and determination we shared. Also, because it has a wicked ring to it!

Just as we came to the consensus, we noticed the scribe entering the bar. As he locked eyes onto our section of the bar, he looked even more cert than previously, and walked straight over to us.

Gregor's "Wolves" Part 3
The White Dragon

998 YK Wir, 14th of Therendor (Wednesday, March 14)

We took a few minutes in the bunkroom once we knew there weren’t anymore kobolds, or those NASTY beetles. Even with how severe the fire and frostbite felt, there thankfully weren’t any serious injures. Geesh, you’d think waking up to a few bugs would be the worst thing they could offer. Ew, now I gotta check my bedroll after this.

After the rest, we decided to follow the path the bugs and handlers had come from. Around the corner was..well, a play room. There was a small fence in the back, toys and balls in a pen in the middle of the room, and a few chairs around it. We were able to quickly confirm there weren’t anymore fire beetles, young or otherwise, in the room. Drawn into the wall were diagrams on how to both train and raise the beetles! They’re a good fight when they’re opposing you, but if Ni’Tarra had lucked out on finding an egg like she’d been trying, we would have the means to raise them. If anyone is looking for them, the following drawings were taken from the wall.

{A rough etching of the pictures on the wall are drawn here}

We then took the second path from the bunkroom. It went down a bit before we came to a crossroads. The mine rails were present under a thin lair of dust, but still in good condition. Ahead of us were five different entrances. We quickly realized how much a mine can act like a maze when we started getting lost and walked into deadends and even each other! It felt like hours, but was probably less than one when we finally found an end to the twists and turns. And this time it didn’t lead us back to where we started!

There was a beautiful cavern hiding at the end of the maze. I mean, there were a few stalagmites hanging from the roof a good 20 ft above our heads. Thanks to Drakar’s light, we were able to make out a spacious room. A good distance in front of us the room opened up to almost 35 ft of headroom. Not even Kildrak needs that much room! :) Far in the back corner there was a small pond that was surprisingly clear considering it looked stagnant.

Young dragon

As we walked toward the pond, we started to hear chanting. It echoed throughout the cavern, so we started to tip toe as lightly as we could, considering we have two brawd guys in metal armor. The chanting became clearer, if still unrecognizable, as the roof started to slant up. Drakar chose to break rank and that’s when a rope appeared from the roof, almost hitting me in the face. Immediately, four of the smaller kobolds slid down the rope and surrounded me. Thankfully Rife and Ni’Tarra were nearby and the bastards didn’t get too many hits in before they were dispatched.

That’s when everything went to hell. Just as Kildrak finished the last of the little kobolds, a roar like nothing I have ever heard echoed in the cavern. And then we saw it; a White Dragon as large as all of us side by side and teeth designed specifically to tear at flesh. A piranha’s mouth doesn’t even hold a candle to the raw amount of teeth this dragon had. It swooped down to us, roared once again in our faces before it breathed the very ice winds from atop Frostfell! We all were covered in ice; frost bite already nestling in as I saw the ice form around Kildra’s exposed bones and Rife’s beard.

We did all that we could. Combining a LOT of our talents, coordinating together, and an obscene amount of luck let us walk away from that fight gave us a chance to win. Of course I made it, how else could I be telling you about this? I started healing those who looked the worst as Ni’Tarra swung her “friend” at it. Before it had a chance to fly out of reach, Rife struck it hard with his sword. He then started to grapple it, like he was putting the damned thing in a headlock! However, this dragon {or maybe any dragon} did not appreciate the idea of a noogie, and took Rife with it when it flew towards the ceiling!

Rife held onto its thick neck for a good while as Kildrak threw javelins at it. A dragon is usually a horrible pincushion I’ve heard, but we had to make an exception. Ni’Tarra started to climb the stalagmite closest to the dragon as Drakar attempted to assail it with his spells. I’ve never heard of dragons being hardy against spells, but this one was seriously making me doubt the tales of old. To make things worst, like it could a kobold in thick robes and wielding a spear slid down the rope.

Just as Ni’Tarra had finished the climb, Rife lost his grip and fell the whole 25 ft! He was rolling to his feet, mostly unharmed, as Kildrak threw another javelin, this time hitting the roof above its head. Ni’Tarra took advantage of the distraction Rife provided and jumped from the stalagmite, swinging her axe right into the side of it. However, we still hadn’t seen any appreciable damage to its hide. On the ground from the Priest we felt another icy breath cross the floor. This time, however, we’d had enough cold from the dragon that it didn’t truly effect us. To make matters worse, other than the few javelins we had picked up from the kobolds and the unsuccessful arcane, we had no other options to cover the distance a flying dragon could create.

Just as we came to the daunting realization that it could just sweep by us, tearing into us with its claws as big as Ni’Tarra’s axe, it reminded us that it was more than just pointy weapons. It breathed, again, this time roaring as it did so. The very cavern shook with the sheer rage behind the sound, our feet attempting to freeze to the cavern floor after its worshipper. Kildrak was not having that again, and charged the Priest, bringing it down in three quick, precise strikes.

There were flurries of teeth and claws as we tried to strike, cast, and bait it to be within range. Eventually though, it became very clear it wasn’t going to, and then Ni’Tarra had a brilliant plan. She asked Rife for a piggy back ride. With the added height his tall frame gave her, the dragon was JUST in striking range. Since I couldn’t help anyone recover from their bites and talon injures, or support Kildrak’s sheer size I asked Kildrak for a lift. He easily tossed me on his shoulders as Rife helped Ni’Tarra settle on his.

Drakar continued to press his arcane knowledge, looking for some way to get his spells to impact that scale hide. Slowly we all got a rhythm, balancing on shoulders or striking from below with the remaining javelins. Eventually, between Ni’tarra’s raw determination, the low silver light I provided telling my comrades where the soft spot was, and the guys keeping us stable, we got through the scale. And once we saw blood, we carved. It was painstaking, but slowly we were able to peel back enough of its underbelly to bleed it out.

Not one story I have ever read about dragons ever mentioned the part, “What happens to the dragon when it’s defeated?” Common sense says, it crashes! And it did so, from mid-soar, on top of us. Thankfully Rife was able to move Ni’Tarra and himself out of reach. Drakar had been smart and already kept his distance and Kildrak..he rescued me by throwing me off his shoulders and taking the weight on himself. Now, Kildrak is EXTREMELY strong, but a dragon is a bit too much even for him. But, Ni’Tarra and Rife are just as impressively strong, and between the three of us we were able to unbury Kildrak from the white dragon. And he was safe, if not a little winded from the sheer weight of the thing.

We all made it, in relatively one piece. Thankfully, nothing else came down the rope. Once we’d recovered as much as we could safely, we continued exploring the cavern. Ni’Tarra ventured up the rope as Rife and Kildrak took the heads. Ni’Tara started shouting in excitement, saying we’d need more hands than we have to carry the horde. I’d completely forgotten about the stories telling us how big a dragon horde’s can be! Drakar came prepared, however, and with a little help got his Tensor’s Floating Disk working as a dumbwaiter. We found quite a few boxes, including a jewelry box {excluded from entry until decision made on items and a weapon/armor box.} There was also a mound of silver, a chest of gold, and a few gems arranged like a circlet around the silver coins.

On a second trip, with some arcane detection from Drakar, we also discovered some platemail that had been used as a make-shift pillow among the nest. To Ni’Tarra’s dismay, there were no dragon eggs for her to collect. We also discovered that, although the mine we had passed to get here was abandoned, there was still some kind of ore. However, due to the recent string of fights, the identifying and counting not including the staying up late to hunt down these “wolves” would have to wait until after some much needed sleep. With everyone’s help, we were able to use my campsite ritual and get everything unpacked. It did not take long for us to drift away into the Dreamlands. I pity Rife since he took first watch, but I am also glad, since it means I can catch up on some much missed rest.

Gregor's "Wolves" Part Two
Those weren't wolves!

998 YK Wir, 14th of Therendor (Wednesday, March 14)

Not even the crickets are awake when we left Mr. Gregor’s farm. It’s two in the morning and even the monsters in the forest and the little noises of the night have fallen asleep. Which means we are alone, the four of us, as we take the 9 mile trek through the farmland to reach the abandoned mine. The hours pass quickly enough, Drakar’s stomach only chirping in once in a while. I have no idea what it is, but apparently feeding it doesn’t help.

When we finally got close, we heard celebrations. Beyond the treeline there were quick movements, like dancing, and an old wind chime going faster than the wind. I got a glimpse of a campfire and kobolds before they screamed, “To Arms” in Common. Ni’Tarra just grinned and screamed back, “To Arms” before she charged through the treeline.

The first thing she is greeted to on the other side of those trees were, well, kobolds. Over half a dozen grabbing weapons. This includes one with a long kobold-skull headdress and another with a literal skull cap! Most of them head straight for Ni’Tarra, but a few head past her and away from us. Just as Ni’Tarra is hit with what looks like an arcane snowball that left an impact like an iceball, I noticed him. A man, just a few yards away from Ni’Tarra in scalemail came running to intercept the kobolds.

Just as the small horde circled Ni’Tarra, Drakar dropped a pillar which sparked in anticipation of any of those kobolds getting close, and giving Ni’Tarra some breathing room. One, two, three went down as the new guy and Kildrak swung at the smaller kobolds. Before we could chase down the cowardly shaman, who had ran further into the mine, the skullcap approached. When he swung with his sword, and he had a real sword not the metal shard or pointed stick you knew it was meant for Ni’Tarra because he kept watching her movements. It was intense. But within a few moments, Kildrak and the new guy helped her take him down.

I quickly introduced ourselves to the stranger and he did the same. The imposing man who fought with a bastard sword and already looked battle-worn told us his name is Rife Gallionson. It is very important for you to understand this was just a matter of moments, but I could already tell you a lot about him. Importantly, he was Brelish and enjoyed fighting. He was already looking into the cave as we were introduced, and the accent. OH, the accent. It’s unmistakenable and just so..yum! Kildrak offered him a portion of the money earned if he helped us clear out the kobolds. He nodded and agreed since it meant more fighting.

And it didn’t take very long. Less than 30 yards away we could see the shaman run into an alcove. He was moving so fast, though, that he was well ahead of us. Ni’Tarra, of course, came up with a great idea. She turned to Kildrak and told him to throw her in the room. He asked her, “Are you sure?” She gave him a toothy grin and asked why not. While Rife ran down the hall with Kildrak and Ni’Tarra, Drakar was getting a doozy of a spell ready. Kildrak hefted Ni’Tarra up by the scruff of her armor and hauled her a good 40 ft! She landed so casually off the wall and yelled “To Arms” to the kobolds in the room.

The shaman, however, wasn’t alone. There were five, very groggy kobolds with him. One of them didn’t have the “pointed stick” like the others. Instead, he had a small sling. In the quick confusion that is fighting in confine spaces, it get even more confusing. Amongst our colleagues was a large warrior, easily 6 ft tall, wreathed in flames. Drakar smiled to himself in satisfaction as he told his warrior who to take down first. A few of the kobolds cried out as they fell to the blades and axes. The one with the sling fought the hardest. When he was backed against a corner and a warrior of flames, he picked up one of his glass bullets and smashed it into the warrior, leaving little embers to fall around them. Between Kildrak and the Warrior they were able to finish off the slinger. At the same time Ni’Tarra and Rife were able to stop the cowardly shaman from throwing anymore arcane orbs.

We took a few minutes to rest in the make-shift bunkroom. It seems now everyone understands what Kildrak meant when he explained I kept him out of trouble. So many people think that the arcane elements have no interest in the healing arts. Pssh. Afterwards Drakar and I took a moment to look for anything of interest, or usefulness while the others collected heads for Mr. Gregor. It was a big surprise when we discovered that the armor the skullcap was wearing was actually First Circle Mellorating Scalemail. Even more so when we identified one of the “blankets” to be a robe, also of the First Circle. And there were some gold coins in there. Who knew they were richer than us? That sounded desperate, sorry.

Just as Rife put on his new armor, with Kildrak’s assistance, and Drakar put on the new robe, we heard more voices. And..then there was creepy, chittering noise of large bugs. We barely were readied in the hall before we met the next oncoming wave. Five kobolds lead with their “spears”, followed by what could have been fire beetles once. However, these beetles looked like frosted glass. We could see passed the frost and ice to the gallbladder, the source of its fire. And behind the pair of fire beetles were their handlers, and another one of those smelly pot-slingers.

Before they could charge us, Drakar ran in front of them and threw a cacophony of arcane energy, both destroying the first wave of kobolds AND turning their remains into a wall. Unfortunately, this did not seem to hinder the beetles in anyway as they climbed over the fallen kobolds, opened their oversized mandibles at us, and spit fire and ice at us! Everyone was drenched in flames and shivering at the same time, a sick feeling if one ever has the chance to feel those extremes at the same time. The slinger launched it’s smelly, rotten egg lunch at Drakar, and unfortunately hit. As his eyes began watering, the two handlers followed their pets towards us.

It became chaos at that point. When the opportunity arose, Ni’Tarra helped Rife flank one of the pets as Kildrak dealt with the second and it’s handler. Drakar directed even more power towards the other handler as I kept up the distractions on the slinger. At one point Rife had wrangled the beetle and had actually put the thing in a headlock! Before it could spit at Ni’Tarra again, however, Rife and Ni’Tarra struck at its exposed body. Its shell cracked, then shattered before its innards oozed down Rife’s side. And no, it did not look like melted snow.

With the slinger defeated by his own distraction, we had only the last of both pet and handler. The handler looked up as Rife and Ni’Tarra come up to it, Kildrak behind them. And just as they were about to swing the last blows, the handler put its hand on the pets back. It looked like it was comforting its pet in those last few moments. That is, until it put its entire weight into the gesture, forcing the fire and ice cocktail to be spit out. Again the burns and frostbite covered us. This time, however, we knew how to resist the extreme elements and retaliated. The handler left quietly, however the beetle made that horrible clicking noise as it shattered, then melted away, leaving only the gallbladder and the shell remaining.

Gregor's "Wolves"
Our First Quest!!

998 YK Zol, 13th of Therendor (Tuesday, March 13)

HA! I told Kildrak that the flier would bring people in. I knew he was a bit nervous since I wouldn’t write it for him, but it doesn’t matter because it actually worked!

Thankfully Ben, the keeper, didn’t mind us just waiting around while him and his sons continued their construction. The Drunk Phoenix is really starting to look good. Course, I hope they keep their prices the same so I can still afford it. We sat in the tavern all morning. Kildrak had to wait patiently at one of the tables when they FINALLY started to walk in.

I’ll admit, the people who came to apply were..interesting to say the least. I mean, I know people normally say that so their friends can seem more badass or sophisticated, or some such nonsense. But, these people were downright strange! And I can’t wait to get to know them.

The small shifter named Ni’Tarra introduced herself first. Then she introduced us to her “best friend”, her Great Axe. Can you believe someone could be so dedicated to combat they befriend their instrument of death or defense? She automatically qualified with that introduction. :)

Oh, then there was this kinda scary looking guy in the corner. He was..intense. I’ve never seen a Deva before, but I’m pretty sure that’s what he is. Can you imagine the history they can remember? Sorry, that sounds bad, doesn’t it? He eventually spoke and said his name was Orsus. He’s that kind of guy who is quiet, but direct if and when he speaks. If it weren’t for the fact that he also had a greataxe, I would have thought he was someone who was waiting to rob us. Actually, that should have made me think it more! But, he seemed more sad than murderous, so maybe that’s why I didn’t run behind Kildrak…not that I would have just because of a little confrontation, mind you. It just would have helped defuse the situation is all. Anyway, when I asked him what he did, he simply said his greataxe was not his friend, but an implement of his divine nature. Cryptic, right?

Anyway, the last person to show up was a wizard. You knew instantly because he had that high collared robe going on, the small bag of supplies..and the staff. You can’ wear a high collar AND carry a staff without making people think that. When asked, he told us his name was Drakar. He’s..an odd one too. I mean, Ni’Tarra was a bit barbaric in her manners, but she had them. Orsus was..well, like I said, kinda intense. But Drakar topped them both. He kept mumbling arcane things to himself. Now, if there was any meaning I’d be able to tell you what he was saying, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. To make it even worse, his stomach would respond back! What the hell did he eat?

Well, anyway, after making sure everyone was fed properly, since that’s just polite since they came here to apply, we told them our first job was for Mr. Gregor. He was having problems with wolves eating his livestock and he couldn’t lose anymore without his business suffering. So, we took the hour trip to his farm. You’d think that would be boring, except for the fact that Drakar was now listening to his stomach. I had kinda hoped feeding him would help, but I guess it had something important to say..for the whole hour.

When we did arrive we found Mr. Gregor in his fields. After shaking everyone’s hands and thanking us, he finally took the time to tell us what he was he was thanking us for. Apparently, every 2-3 nights for the last 2 weeks one of his livestocks would disappear. From the remains we could see in the range, the wolves were eating on the move.

He said he’d give us 5 silver for each wolf pelt we brought back to him. Orsus asked why he wasn’t using the barn to keep his animals safe, which is a good question I wish I had thought of. Mr. Gregor explained that, even with the barn being in good condition, his stock was still disappearing. He mentioned there was probably a hole behind one of the hay barrels he hadn’t found and that’s how the wolves were getting out.

Well, Orsus came up with a great idea so we could find the wolves doing this. He suggested Mr. Gregor put the sheep and cows in the barn for the night, and we’d stake it out until the wolves showed. He agreed and we all started looking around the range and barn. Ni’Tarra commented that the fence was too small for a grown wolf to sneak in and pups were unlikely to get this close to people.

Orsus showed us some really good hiding places to use when it got dark. We waited a few more hours until Orsus told us, “Showtime”, and then we all got into position. I had no idea that meant we’d be staying like that until 1 in the morning! But, his plan worked. In comes the heads of 5 Kobolds! Orsus signaled Ni’Tarra, who was clinging to the pitch of the roof, and they waited until the Kobolds piled in.

The last one kept watch as the other 4 went straight for the pregnant cow. Just before they grabbed her, Orsus jumped from the rafters and ran straight for the guard! And in that instant, I saw what he meant by his power being divine. He swung his Great Axe, and I could still see a silver afterimage of the weapon still lingering infront of him. Who knew that kind of power could come from the silent Gods?

Anyway, before they could even respond to his assault, Ni’Tarra fell from the roof and used it to power her “friend” and almost cleaved the lead Kobold in two pieces! I took a few pot shots of arcanic words to one of the Kobolds in the middle who fell from the sheer force. Then Drakar mumbled some arcane words I COULD understand, and a wasp the size of an actual wolf and almost as clear as glass assaulted the guard with Orsus.

When the guard tried to attack Orsus, it fell over as if the image of his weapon was as sharp as his real one. Nice, right? Both the guard and the lead ended up getting a small piece of Ni’Tarra and Orsus, but nothing I couldn’t fix when we were done. And then poor Kildrak. He stretches, knocking the carriage wheel he was behind over, and swung right for a normal man’s head. If they were regular sized and not small Kobolds, he would have knocked his head right off! As it was, he got a little too close to Ni’Tarra’s and she noticed. In quick work, Ni’Tarra got the lead back for his strike at her and Orsus and I finished off the two in the middle.

Kildrak and Ni’Tarra dragged the Kobolds behind us as we went back to Mr. Gregor’s house. Poor guy, he looked so tired when he opened the door to us and the remains of his “wolves”. He made us some coffee as we explained what happened. When he was more awake, Drakar tried to negotiate for a better pay since these were obvious not wolves. He said he could keep with the original 5 silver per head, including wherever they were taking his livestock, or just give us a flat fee.

Kildrak, the brilliantly tall man that he is, called our first group meeting to remind us that if it was just a scout party, that meant there was at least another dozen Kobolds. We’d make out better if we kept our original deal. Plus it doesn’t hurt our reputation when Mr. Gregor tells his neighbors how great we were and how easy to work with. So Ni’Tarra, in her best impression of Kildrak yet, told him we would of course honor our current deal. However, because of the hours we were doing this in to make sure no more livestock was lost, he would also have to provide us breakfast.

It is an acquired taste, but I think meals with your clients taste better than the same meal any other time. Maybe that’s just me, but those eggs and jerky were damn good to me. Unfortunately, after we ate Orsus told us he had to go. This mission, even though helpful, was not one his lady wanted him on. Then, as he turned to leave and we told him he could find us in the inn, he said, “I hope the lady does not seek you tonight.” I asked him what that meant, since it sounded like a prayer. That is when he explained that his lady, the Raven Queen, represents death. Like I mentioned, an intense, scary old, young-looking guy.


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