Lokn for Gold or Fame (May evn both)

-—Pleez apli in the Drunken Phoenix

At least, that’s what one of the many signs on the board you pass reads.


You are in the world of Eberron. Magic has advanced to such a degree that many things have now taken on the ambiance of “modern technology”. Carriages can drive and nagivate on their own. Tensor’s Floating Discs can hasten the movement between floors. Farming continues throughout the year, whether it’s in season or not. And life can be given to stone..at least, before the forges were closed down.

Espionage, war, deceit, swashbuckling, and secrets are part of the day to day for anyone with a knack for fame or fortune. There are few real living legends in your generation. There are many war heroes, princes of nobility, and other heroes fighting. But, there are no legends people speak of. No person or group people refer to in hushed, inspired whispers. No stories of fantastical adventures and conquests. Something Khorvaire is in dire need of.

And you just happened to have read the flier offering a chance to be just that; albeit the spelling could use some work. You have just walked into the town of Skyrim. It is bustling, farmers and crafters fill the marketplace with wares. As you pick up the basic supplies that brought you to town, you saw the work board. And there it was; an opportunity to make some real gold, use your talents. Can’t hurt to check the tavern out while you’re here, at least.


First, I ask that you go over the Character Creation information. This is going to give you the list of classes and races currently available. If you find something not on the list and are interested, let me know and I’ll see if we can add them!

2nd thing I’d like is you take some time and flesh out the Character section by adding in your character. Any quick info anyone would notice should be there; ticks, mannerisms, and looks. If you’d like.

  • I recently discovered, however, if you use the Character Sheet option in the Character’s Tab, you will not be able to see any of the Bio or Description information you’ve put in.
  • I have, however, found the workaround. The following website provides a writable character sheet online, so if anything happens to your sheet (and for my reference) it’s not lost. After that is my name on the site, so you can friend me!


Each entry has a “tag” section. This makes finding someone under “x” category easier since you don’t have to go through the whole list. I’m gonna ask we keep that simple so there isn’t 30 or more different categories. Please only identify by Race, Class, Occupation (bartender, entertainer, guard, craftsman, farmer, merchant, scholar, House), and Ally/Enemy/Wanted. If you have any suggestions on other ways to tag, please do!

Once your characters are big and bad enough (or rich enough), they’re going to start getting some cool and magical gear. Use the item tab to put them down. Find a pic you’d like for them, write their stats, and for brag rights, the story on how you got it! The sky’s the limit so don’t worry about using them.

Wanted: Treasure and Fame

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